Saturday, June 20, 2009

Walgreens--Clearance Sightings Kids Sandbox Toys 50%

Walgreens has begun to mark down some of their summer toys along with 75% on some coloring books.

The most of the sandbox toys were 50% off.
Licensed Disney Princess, Spiderman, Cars sandpails with shovels etc. Regular $6.99 now $3.49
Some Swimming Toys--Animal Water Squirters Regular $4.99 now $2.49

I Found Giant Coloring Books Regular $3.00 now 75% off $.75
Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Suzie Cute, Peanuts.
Justice League--Batman, SpiderMan, Superman Coloring book Regular $2.00 now 75% off $.50

The coloring books make great filler purchase items to use Register Rewards when rolling coupons.


Jessica said...

I enjoy your blog and reading about the deals you find. I shop at Walgreens frequently, I see you refer to the coupons as Rapid Rewards. Do you mean Register Rewards, or is this something else?

Annystribe said...

Thanks for alerting me to my slip up, the girls call them that. I just was too much in a hurry. It is register rewards and I fixed it.