Monday, June 8, 2009

Beccas Best Deal Movie Post

Becca and Morgan the Tiny Service Dog Finding Deals

Meet Becca

I have been busy following Becca's adventures into Movieland through my blog. She began posting movie posts back in early spring thru Becca's Best Deal Movie Posts. With each post she is growing, not just in blogging, but in her independence and she isn't as lonely. She has followers :)

Who would have thought that this little lady would be finding deals that would cause thousands of people to visit our blog? This little lady has been given up on by the schools, she can cruise the internet with the best of the Adult Bloggers. Schools may have given up, but I have taught Becca not by book learning, but she has been WATCHING, listening and learning by example.

Today she is sleeping in and I am printing off all the FREE Movie Ticket Vouchers she has found for us to take advantage of.

2 Free Tickets to the Movie UP--for buying Cars and the Incredibles at Target
2 Free Tickets from Kmart --$12.50 Each from a couple of weeks ago when they were doubling
2 Free Tickets from Kmart--Axe Movie Deal

I got everything to together to submit her pile of rebates, sending them off not just our house, but taking advantage of sending them to her siblings :)

As her MOM I have seen the growth of empowerment of this young lady, as the blogging community has blessed her by supporting her blogging and deal research.

To Tara at Deal Seeking Mom and Candace at Dealectible Mommies for launching her into Blogging Stardom and all those who have followed.. Her Big Deal Post for the Disney Movies at Target caused her to have almost 10,000 page views and 18 different links from various blogs. Becca with her autism, loves numbers and obsessively watches the sitemeter for how many people visit and where they come from :)

A Heartfelt Thank You to you all, Miss Becca is growing in independence, finding value of her life in service to you her Loyal Followers. You are blessing her by visiting and leaving comments.

How are you helping? She is less lonely, she is less shy, she has something she can obsess about with her OCD and autism. Her self esteem is building and she is willing to try new things.

Teens with Disabilities have incredible gifts, we just have to empower them instead of focusing on what they can't do. Posting on the blog and having "friends and followers" has changed my daughter's life. I have to write for her, as she can't get her thoughts to computer and because of her autism talks through me when she is shy. I believe that in time Becca will post all by herself!

Thank you and She has a line up of Disney and Family Friendly Movies she is researching as they are released to DVD and the theaters. She has now developed a budget from her disability money to be able to offer giveways every other week. Check back on Mondays for Becca's ongoing posts.


Lisa said...

Thank you Becca!! Our family of 5 went to see the movie UP for FREE, thanks to you!

Claudia J said...

Thank you Becca for being very much my HERO! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Becca's IEP in my reader but can't find it to comment on it. Just wanted to say I've been in your shoes and I highly recommend that youhave all future meetings video recorded and audio recorded and an immediate copy be distributed to you. Also file the necessary complaints with the district, school board, state board and anywhere else you need. Refuse to sign IEP's that they do not state specifically what they should. Have it noted in writing everywhere that "blah blah, has not been complied with". Also, make sure that all medical reports are apart of her IEP. Do not let them just note the report. Make sure it is attached to the IEP. Also, you have the right to an IEP advocate being present during the IEP. You also have the right to INVITE the dr's to the IEP. If your doctors are willing I'd bring them in as witness and to help state the case for appropriate schooling.

Believe me once you start putting some heavy heat on the school, teachers and the union you will start to get some major attention.

Good luck and don't give up ... Becca deserves and has a right to the appropriate education.