Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Vivo Booster Car Seat $58.65+Free Shipping

The Recaro Vivo Booster Car Seat for $69.99 at They also have the Recaro Lite $64.99 Use Code SAGEAR1 to Save 15% off
Pay $58.65 and get FREE Shipping
. (I ordered mine this morning at 9:00 and it is already shipped and on its way).

Hurry this will go fast...
Albee Baby also has it for $59.99
(Shipping is Free when you spend $100)

Albee Baby also has the Recaro 2007 Convertible Car Seat which fits infants from 5 lbs. to kids 70 lbs. for $119.99 in the matching blush.

I had ordered the Recaro Convertible seat for littles ones at $119 with free shipping from Albee Baby when Candace at Dealectible Mommies posted the seat and replaced our multiple seats with one. According to the Experts they should be replaced every 10 years anyway because of plastic breakdown and new research and regulations. ]

Now with our Cross country road trip coming in September for Marissa's Wedding, we needed a better more comfortable booster for Miss Becca. She is only 74 pounds (recommendations are for 80 lbs in most states before getting out of a booster).
She is not tall enough at 4 ft. 7 inches to get out either, she has to be 4 ft. 9 inches in Wisconsin. Being in a booster seat at 19 has not been an easy thing to get used to, but she now is first and with her complex bleeding problems and low muscle tone she needs protection from impact and from the seat belts in an accident.

I checked the varying state rules for the upcoming trip, and realize that each state has different regulations on when they get out of the booster and because Wisconsin has tougher laws than others we will not face a ticket on the trip.

What are the rules in your state on when a child gets out of their booster?

Information about this Car Seat--From Mfg.

The Recaro Vivo Booster Car Seat is one of the top lightweight restraint systems for children. The Recaro car seat comes in four different color options, perfect for any child, boy or girl. The Recaro seat does not require a harness of any sort and uses an innovative belt positioning system to keep the child safe and secure. Parents will love the safety and fashion found in just about every model of Recaro car seat.

The booster seat from Recaro has loads of features which will make the parents life much more comfortable and since the booster seat age limit has shot up, will make a growing boy or girl comfortable too. The Vivo is a Recaro seat which is designed for children to about 12 years. The booster car seat is also designed for children 30-100 lbs. and 37-59 in. tall. The Recaro seat makes getting comfortable easy as the headrest adjusts to 6 different positions and the seat reclines to 3 distinct positions. The Recaro car seat is made of new, extremely durable microfiber. It is an ergnomically designed booster car seat which is Recaro approved.
Product Features

* Booster car seat from Recaro is a universal lightweight restraint system
* Recaro car seat features SIP System which is side impact protection
* Adjustable backrest on the Recaro seat
* One hand headrest adjustment featured on the booster seat from Recaro
* Recaro car seat has a reinforced aluminum structure
* Innovative belt routing system on the Recaro seat
* Booster car seat has 3 different seating positions
* Booster seat from Recaro is forward facing only
* Recaro seat is made of extremely durable microfiber
* Booster car seat is for children 3-12 years
* For children 30-100 lbs.
* Recaro car seat is for children up to 37-59 in.
* 6 Different headrest positions on the booster car seats
* Color Blush, Cobalt, Crimson, Midnight Desert

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