Friday, August 27, 2010

The Grands

This picture was snapped right before Kristy and Chris left Minneapolis for their new home near Boston.

The Grands... Kasja, Mahala and Brody.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Pic--The Tiny Titan turned 21

Becca 21

Here is the latest picture of our Miss Becca, aka the Tiny Titan.
She is amazing and turned 21 on the 3rd of August. Becca has Noonan Syndrome and outlived her prognosis that she would never see 1. She is our miracle....

Her styling outfit... Coach purse $79.99, 50% off the clearance price and a 30% off coupon,
Aeropostle size 00 Short Jeans $9.99 less coupon of $10/$50, Buy One Get One Free Tank,
DKNY Blazer orig. $79.99, bought 70% off clearance for $11.99 and Sunglasses for $4.00. Earrings from Justice for $1.99. Becca knows how to shop and has turned into a name-brand shopper for little money. Buying classy, named brand needn't cost a fortune.

Summer Clearance-- Step 2 Water Table $21.00 at Walmart

August brings back to school shopping, but it is also the perfect time to stock up for next summer's fun. Normally beginning late August the summer fun toys, pool fun and picnic
products will begin to hit 50% and about two weeks later 75% off. I never need to buy at the beginning of the season, because we as always planned and shopped ahead by buying season closeouts.

I found this Step 2 Water Wheel Activity Table on clearance at our Walmart Store for $21.00. Whilebig people watch older ones at poolside I figured it is the perfect toy for the wee ones to get wet and play at the same time. It retails for $39.99 to $42.99 at most stores making it a savings of almost 50%.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer is nearly gone... and so are the backpacks!

Picture: Morgan Becca's Service Dog is used to riding in a backpack and she thought she was helping.

I should have known better than saying what I am not going to do...
I had planned on for the first time in 9 years, I was not doing backpacks. But never say never, as God will have other ideas of what we are supposed to do.

I had been gone much of April, all of May, and early June. Then gone for two weeks of July, then the first week of August, and only have been home 4 of the weekends since April.

But we were asked to do it anyway.... With help from the Grant Regional Hospital, partnering with Grant County Social Services for finding the families of children needing help, and an East Dubuque Girl Scout troop helping stuff them...

148 children are beginning school with New Backpacks filled with School supplies.


Detamara the veteran backpack packer is on the job.

6000 Backpacks in 9 years paid-it-forward.