Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Target--Special K Deal

The girls and I had to head down to Target to pick up her long awaited copy of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" Season 2. As long as I was there I used the coupons I had set aside and picked up a few things.

My favorite:

Buy 4 Special K Red Berries @ $3.54 = $14.12/4
Buy 2 Special K Crackers @ $2.89 = $5.78/2
Buy 1 Simply Orange Juice $3.04
Use 4--$1.00 Kelloggs mfg. coupons - $4.00
Use 2--Free Special K Crackers Target coupon with the purchase of 2 Special K -$5.78
Combined with Target buy 3 Kelloggs Get FREE Simply Orange Juice -$3.04
(Automatic as part of the ad)
Pay $10.14 for 4 Special K Cereal, 2 Crackers, Simply Orange Juice

For better savings I could have used my $5 gift card from buying Scott Toilet paper but am saving these for Christmas.



Elizabeth said...

And I thought I was the coupon queen! That was an awesome deal you got. I LOVE Target! Ever been to Publix for the buy one get free deals? Those deals combined with my massive collection of coupons save me a lot of money also. Keep up the good work!

Annystribe said...

I live in rural WI now where Doc serves an underserved communities. I miss many of the amazing deals in blogland but have the serenity of living in the rolling hills with amazing scenery seeing the farms and parking next to buggies! I go bargain shopping at Amish auctions and the summer produce vendors around the town square.