Sunday, June 21, 2009

Resolution- Saturday June 20 Accountability

Today we ran out and did my grocery shopping for two weeks (including heavy stockpile building as I found some incredible savings) and filled up the gas tank. I place $250 in our Household Checking Account when we get paid (2 weeks) for our expenses in order to help me limit my temptation to go over budget.

Grocery Budget: $50.00 including kitchen and cleaning supplies (other than my Walgreens $10 weekly challenge, milk, bread and bananas are included in the gas portion of our budget as we pick it up at the gas station).

Target: $39.81
Savings $180.96 using coupons and offers (Between last Target trip 6 and this trip 6 I have bought a years worth of Dawn Dishwashing Detergent 12 @ $2.49 less $1.50 mfg. coupon = $11.88!!!), 4 months of Hefty Trash Bags: 6 Hefty Trash Bags 40 ct. Kitchen, 32 ct. 30 Gal. @ $5.99 less $2.00 mfg. coupons less $1.00 Target Coupons= $2.99 each, 9 boxes of cereal, 3 simply orange juice, 12 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, 12 Ziplock Bags, Ketchup, Shortening, 4 Lean Pockets, 3 Huggies, 2 Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat, 2 Cheese, Smart Popcorn, 4 Bliss Bags, 4 Kraft Mac and Cheese, 6 Candles, Cascade Rinse Agent, 5 Pop Tarts, Milk, Peanut Butter, Jelly,mustard, 2 Lays Chips, Bread, Dog Treats, 4 Suave Deodorant, 1 Degree Deo., 4 Sample Sunscreen, Scott Tissue, and 2 Leapfrog TAG books for $3.48 for Kasja plus a lot more. I was rolling my Gift Cards along with coupons to save so much.
Walmart: $59.43 Savings $47.69 using coupons and price matching--I needed several things that there are not coupons for...produce, lactaid milk, eggs, hamburger.
Total: $99.24 (under budget by $.76).

Walgreens $10 Weekly Challenge: $9.99 Savings $65.66. Used my budget a day early to take advantage of my coupons and rolling.

Energy Saving: Didn't turn on Air Conditioner until we got home midafternoon on the back porch. We are not using the main air for the house, cooling only the hot side of the house to conserve.
Topped off the Sequoia Tank while in Dubuque, gas in Iowa ($2.55)is less than in Wisconsin ($2.78) Saving $.23 per Gallon. (8 gal. @ $.23).

Gas Spending : $22.00 including 3 sodas (skipped lunch and came home and ate). I have a full tank in my Sequoia and that should give me enough gas for almost two weeks.

Entertainment: Monthly we budget for One family movie to support our local vintage movie theater. $23.00 with popcorn ($5 a ticket) to See "Night at the Museum 2".

Total Spending Today: $154.23 Savings $296.19

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