Monday, June 22, 2009

Resolution-Sunday June 21 Accountability

Today's Spending: $5.25 for 2 Sunday Newspapers and $19.89 Coupon Clippers (four weeks of ones I wanted).
Total Spending $25.14

Instead of buying four newspapers like I normally do, ($13.00+) I bought 2 ($5.25) and am ordering the coupons I need every three or four weeks through The Coupon Clippers. Savings per month by using the coupon clipping service. $12.00 Coupon/Newspaper Budget: $42 a month. $5.25 a week newspapers, $20.00 a month coupon clipping service.

I ordered coupons twice before and I like the service. With having my own "mini superstore" stocked with double coupons and don't need as many. This way I get the coupons on what I normally use. I am also saving trees by buying unread newspapers.
We always buy the Chicago Tribune and I also read the Milwaukee Journal for Wisconsin news.

I ordered from coupon clippers a bunch of differing coupons including 10- $1.00 off Kraft Dressing Coupons, 12 Dawn Essentials $1.50 coupons and Becca's current daily obsession the Premade Minute Rice 2-pack packages $1.00/2 the coupons are good until Sept. (we go through a pack a day for her snacks). I ordered 50...yes 50. I know that I could make it myself for much less, but she likes to be independent, and as Doc says it limits how much she is making at a sitting and waste. After coupon they are around $1 each. Becca with her autism is obsessive and with her Noonan syndrome causes her to eat the same things over and over again. I am stocking up on the coupons as I will buy it anyway.

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