Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time with Family

We are just back from Minnesota spending precious time with family. Kristy and Chris and the two little girls will be moving soon to the other side of the world as Chris will be heading up a start up of a new 3M company from Singapore.  So this Nana is a little sad, but in the day of global world and technology we will find a way to keep connected.

One can't have a trip to the Como zoo without a treat.  Mahala certainly was enjoying her sucker and became one sticky mess.  But that is what summer and fun is about.

Papa and his boy.  Brody absolutely loves his Papa and I think the feeling is mutual.

Detamara enjoying watching the little nieces and nephew play.

Kristy and Mahala. Our kids do grow up and they become amazing parents. Miss Mahala is soon to be two and one busy little lady.

Brody is now fourteen months and his parents Nathan and Stacey are having fun playing with this patient and cautious little guy.

Doc and Becca enjoying our trip to the zoo.  A beautiful day to spend time at the zoo with Kristy and the girls making precious memories.

I couldn't but not think back to when Jim and I took wee Kristy and Nathan to the Como zoo not too far from our first home.  Two blond little tikes riding in the water boats in the amuzement park after our visiting the animals and seeing Sparky the seal.  Time flies by in the blink of an eye and now we are blessed to be able to take our grandchildren and relive those precious memories.