Saturday, June 13, 2009

Refrigerator Died and Ian Scored a Bargain

Friday I got a call from Ian that the refrigerator at our house in Michigan refrigerator died.All I could come up with was $500 and he took on the challenge of hunting for another. I went on line and we were not going to get much for the money, but Menards had a 18.2 cu.ft. Frigidaire for $424 on sale. It was the bottom of the line, but its price fit my budget. But not much else.

Ian's quest for the day finding a refrigerator with Mom by cellphone. After hitting Best Buy, Menards, Home Depot he was struggling to find one in stock. Heading over to Lowe's and found a 18.2 cu. ft. Frigidaire with automatic ice maker on clearance originally $700 for a mere $408.00. They were closing out their older models.

He still wanted to head over to ABC Warehouse which offers free shipping and haul away on their appliances on Sunday as it had already closed. As he was walking away the Salesman started talking to him again, Ian asked if they had free delivery but it was $69.99. Ian let him know that that was the deal breaker and the salesman went to see if he could do better.

Ian was shocked to find out that Lowes lowered the price to $350 and he had to pay delivery. When finalizing the order he was given a REBATE for the cost of the Delivery to mail in to receive a $69.99 Lowes Gift Card. He got in the end will get FREE delivery, FREE Haul away and got a $650 refrigerator for $350. Saving $350 on the cost of the frig, $69.99 delivery and $45 for haul away for a Total Savings of $464.99.

My son has learned well. Ian's deal was better than I could have done!!!!


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