Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FREE TV--Discovered Hulu

I talked to Nathan tonight and he was watching TV on his computer. He is my son the computer geek (Network Administrator) he knows the ins and outs of computer related anythings, he does not buy cable, dish or whatever. Tonight he asked me "Mom why don't you HULU?" What?
Go check it out. I just watched an episode of "The Nanny and the Professor", the girls are laughing about the show and the oldness of it, I guess I date myself with that one from l970.

I browsed and found that I could watch episodes of many old and new shows and it doesn't cost me anything. Ok, Nate, I am sold.

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Popcorn House said...

I KNOW! I love hulu too. Also check out It has a ton on there too! We canceled our cable almost a year ago, and we don't miss it at all!