Thursday, June 18, 2009

July's Coupons from the Magazine Stack

I have been collecting free magazine subscriptions and no longer pay for most that we get into the house and a free more I just got because they were free. I found a blog through Coupon Cravings that has a LIST OF COUPONS FROM JULY MAGAZINES at Frugal Fairhope.

My Favorite: Parents Magazine has a Target Coupon for $3 off when you buy l80 count Pampers Wipes along with diapers. This combined with the $1 coupon from 6/14, used this next week when Pampers are on sale will be a great deal. Good thing I haven't sealed up the envelope of coupons to mail to Kristy yet so I can include the ones from my Parents Magazine. While there I will grab another $4.00 Sense and Spray Coupon Starter Kit coupon. I use the coupon for the starter kit and will pick it up for usually $1.00 on someones sale and then use the refill and AA batteries, it is much cheaper to use the high value starter coupons and get the whole kit than buy refills.

I will grab the Buy One Get One Free So Be Lifewater coupon out of Doc's Rolling Stone Magazine and the Buy One Get One Free Kraft Easy Mac coupon out of Good Housekeeping for two more $.27 each easy summer lunches for Detamara!!

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