Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Car Seat Rule Resource

I was looking into buying Miss Becca a new booster. She wanted to know the rules and I found this resource.

Car Seat Rules and Regulations and Ticket Amounts.

Oregon requires that any child under 4 ft 9 be in a car restraint with a pricey $90 fine.

I found out the Minnesota Rules Change 7/1/09 that raises it from age 6 to all children 7 years and younger and less than 57 inches. While researching I talked with my friend who visits Minnesota often and now has to replace her seats that she had given away last year in order to not get the $50 fine.

Dr. Dad and Becca's doctors have been the car seat police even with the rules being age most places because it is just not safe for her medical reasons and short stature.

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