Sunday, June 28, 2009

Becca's Best Movie and Game Deal: Disney New Releases Deal and Roll Your Gift Card for the New Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince Nintendo DS $9.99

Updated Deal with new coupons ($10.00 Printable for both movies and $5.00 Printable for Jonas Brother, Computer Took Both Coupons)

Meet Becca

Becca's Best Movie Deal--Disney Princess Protection and Jonas Brothers--The Concert Experience for $15.99 each.

Target is offering a $10.00 Gift Card for these Disney Tweeners New Release DVD's this week beginnning Tuesday. Don't forget to stop by Becca's Movie Giveaway post and enter to win your own set.

Buy both
Disney Princess Protection $15.99
Disney Jonas Brothers $15.99
Total $30.98
Use $10.00 coupon here
Use $5.00 coupon from here
Pay $16.98 for Both Movies
Receive $10.00 Target Gift Card
Total for Both Movies after Coupons and Gift Card $6.98

If you were lucky enough to buy it today, here is a Rayovac/Disney $5 Rebate Link. After Rebate Becca got her two movies for $1.98 :)

** Don't forget to head over to Disney Movie Rewards to enter your points toward Disney gear and movie tickets.

Becca will Roll her $10.00 Gift Card on the New Nintendo DS Game
Buy Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince $19.99 on sale this week.
(Released 6/30/09)
Use $10.00 Gift Card
Pay $9.99


Modern Day Mom said...

I did the Disney-Rayovac rebate a few weeks ago with your Cars/Wall-E/etc. scenario. Is it possible to do the rebate again with these movies and more Rayovac batteries, or is it limit 1 per household?

Jen said...

The is a $5 coupon for the Jonas Brother DVD on the Disney website. Here is the link.

I do not know what the $6 peelie is, but would it be possible to use both coupons to make the deal even better.

Sarah@VintageChic said...

What a great deal!!!

Annystribe said...

We will be mailing our rebate to Grandma's House as it is one per household or one of the Yurcek 11 who have their own houses.

Annystribe said...

Thanks Jen for the coupon link.
We the $6.00 peelie is one specially marked Jonas or Princess Protection DVD's when you buy both. I heard that Kmart and maybe other stores may have them.

Jen said...

So do you think the $5 coupon and the $6 peelie could be combined?

Annystribe said...

I think we will get the peelie and see on Tuesday morning. I will post back what it says and then it may work depending on the wording.

Anonymous said...

is a peelie the sticker on the dvd?


MelissaDmom2i2g said...

I just read a bummer on another blog. Someone pointed out that the Rayovac Batteries in the Target Dollar bin are Heavy Duty and the $5 Rebate applies to the Alkaline Batteries. The coupon will work but you may not receive your $5 rebate from Rayovac. Has anyone that sent in the rebate on another movie receive their rebate yet?

Annystribe said...

I always buy 2 pack alkaline AA or AAA batteries in the dollar spot at our Target and the Target in Austin.

Lately Menards has the 4 pack alkaline for about $1.99 is another option to get the rebate.

Super Mommie said...

This is awesome! The princess will think I am the best mom on the face of the earth!

(Sorry all other mommies!).

Trish said...
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Trish said...

$10 off coupon if you buy both DVD's. May be able to use it with the $5 coupon!

Misty said...
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Annystribe said...

Thank you Trish for finding the $10 coupon. We were just about to head to Target to pick up the DVD's, one set for us and another for the Giveaway. I will try using both coupons and see if the computer will take it.

Annystribe said...

We bought the DVD's tonight and the computer let us use both the $10 and $5 coupons :) They were sold out and we will have to head back to get the ones for the drawing.

MelissaDmom2i2g said...

Thank you to all. I was able to use both the $10 & $5 coupon (I did not have the $6 peelie) and I only had $1 Rayovac coupon but it was still a wonderful deal. I did find the Rayovac Alkaline AAA in the dollar bin, that is good to know for future reference. I am now having a concert in my house, my 11 yr old, her friend and my 6 yr old are blasting Jonas Brothers, screaming, singing and dancing. Thank you again.