Saturday, June 20, 2009

Resolution--Friday 6-19 Accountability

Yesterday I did really well at not heading out to spend anything.
Until I found a deal that I had been waiting for.

: Received $15.00 refund from overpaying a bill.
Spent $16.31 Snapfish for 73 prints (50 free)
and Free Photobook (added pages) Including 8.90 shipping. This Nana has been waiting for a great deal to get new pictures and Nana Brag Book.

Freebies: Won 4 FREE Mars Candy Bar Coupons
Redbox Code for 6-22 and 6-23 FREE Movie (filling out a survey).
Washed the patio windows with my FREE windex and FREE Marcal paper towels from Kmart doubles.

Energy Saving: I turned on Airconditioner :( It was too humid and Becca and I couldn't breathe with our asthma. I took advantage of having it on and baked Gluten-free Banana Bread instead of buying prebaked goods. (Saved $15.00 by baking my own).
Ran the dishwasher Once with free dishwasher soap.
Hung sheets and comforter on the clothesline.

Dinner: One pot chicken from my freezer with spanish rice from my overstock of rice.
Baked the chicken while baking Banana Bread...Two for one already had oven on.

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