Friday, June 19, 2009

Resolution--Thursday 6-18 Accountability

With my posting on our resolution on returning to my thrifty roots and our financial debt reduction, I have to post each day as a way to hold myself accountable and will post what I have done to save money.

Spending: $28.34 Gas for Docs Car (he is driving his paid off 2000 Grand Am instead of the Sequoia to save money on gasoline).

Dinner: Both Regular Pizza and Gluten-Free Pizza's out of the freezer with salads.

Saving Energy: Even though it was 82 and humid, we have not turned on the air conditioner. Instead we opened the windows and and the north side of the house we closed up the family room to keep it cool. Ran the dishwasher completely full once....with my stockpiled dishwater detergent.
Went for a swim after dinner to cool off.

Saving Money: Called our cable company, upgraded our service and got all the movie channels for the summer for FREE for three months while the teens are home from school. Value $59.99 per month for FREE. Wrote on calender to call on 9/15 to cancel the extra service.

I watched Nanny and the Professor while Doc watched some World War Two documentary on Hulu while the girls watched Discovery Kids on our new upgraded for FREE trial dish service.

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