Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kmart Doubles-P & G Limit of 75 coupons? and Get a FREE Olay Ageless Skin Complete

I was clipping coupons and stumbled on a page in one of the inserts about Kmart Doubling Proctor and Gamble Coupons (can't remember which one from either the Milwaukee Journal or Chicago Tribune and it was in the RED PLUM circular).

'The Smart Way to Save Double* your P & G brandSAVER coupons
Plus get a FREE Olay Complete Ageless Skin Renewing Lotion by mail when you buy $15 in any combination of Pantene, Secret, Olay, Cover Girl, or Natural Instincts. $21 Value (free shipping, Mail in Rebate Offer Good through 6/19/09). The rebate forms are on tear pads on the store shelves by the products :)

This is where it gets interesting:

*Double Manufacturers Coupons up to $2.00 in value! Valid 6/7/09-6/13-09. Line 4 of the long disclaimer "Kmart Store coupons are excluded from this promotion. Coupons do not apply to sales tax, LIMT 75 COUPONS PER CUSTOMER PER DAY. Internet coupons or copies of manufacturer coupons are not valid."

I cannot wait to have to argue my case with my least favorite Kmart Manager. I believe that I can go over l0 coupons, I was ready to argue for at least P & G, but it did not limit the 75 to just those products.

Oh well, I am up for the legal challenge to prove the case and WIN my break the limit of l0 and get FREE Olay Ageless in the process.

I have my Circular Page in hand and we will head off to Kmart for Doubles.

Update: Kmart honored my ad as long as it was in my hand and I could prove my case, I can double UP to 75 on ALL coupons as long as I abide by the rules. Also our Kmart has their own paper ad where they announce they TAKE INTERNET coupons. I am trying today with a test of l0 to see how it goes. The fine print on the ad states no Internet coupons, so I will use them following the limit of l0 rule with the girls. And in a separate transaction my big run, but breaking it into $50 intervals to take advantage of the $5/$50 and the $14 shopping rewards :)

Don't Forget to Go Print your $5/$50 Kmart Coupons


Adriana said...

The Olay Lotion is a mail-in-tearpad. I found tons at my Kmart on the endcaps of the HBA aisles which featured Pantene, Aussie and Crest.

Annystribe said...

I found them to, I just got back from having an afternoon of FUN.

Tracey said...

WAIT!! I have a question husband said the same thing about 75 P&G coupons BUT I said the sm print at bottom of page is the rules for the Dbl coupon sale?? So it should apply to ALL coupons, not just P&G right?? I also say this because the star that refers you to bottom of page is on Double NOT P& what do you guys think?? My husband's only comment after this arguement is "well, which ad is right?" Guys??

Annystribe said...

I got them to double ALL my coupons yesterday :)

Your husband is right, and today we are heading back to double again. But I seldom do 75 in one transaction but break it into chunks to take advantage of the $5/$50 deals.