Monday, June 1, 2009

Anny's Creative Kidstuff Tutorial: Toddler Crayon Roll-ups

When we were in Texas, I designed this Toddler Crayon Holder for Kasja.

Supplies List
Buy 2 different fabrics of 1/4 yard each or 2 different Fat Quarters
1/4 yard fusible fleece
14 inches of 1/2 inch decorative ribbon for tie
1/3 yard of any decorative ribbon for pocket decoration
Coordinating thread

1. Cut 2--7 inch by 13 inch Rectangles (Outside Tote Cover) Piece 1 (Black)
2. Cut 1--9 inch by 13 inch Rectangle (Inside Pocket) Piece 2 (Red)
3. Fold Piece 2 in half the long way and iron
4. Cut 1--7 inch by 13 inch rectangle out of fusible fleece
5. Iron on the wrong side of one of the Piece 1 rectangles
6. Stitch a colorful ribbon along the folded edge of the inside pocket for decoration.

7. Lay Piece 1 Rectangle with Fusible Interfacing face down.
8. Take inside pocket (piece) 2 top of Above Piece with the cut folded edge up lining up the bottoms of the two pieces.
9. Cut 14 inches of ribbon (tie)
l0. Fold in half and pin on the right side at where the pocket and back meet.
(make sure the ties ends face left and the fold in right at the edge).
11. Take the other outer rectangle and place wrong side up on top of the main sandwiched pieces and pin.
12. Begin sewing in the middle of the top section all the way around leaving 3 inches open using 1/2 inch seam allowances.
13. Clip off the square corners and then flip inside out.
14. Press the crayon holder flat
15. Handstitch the opening closed.

16. Beginning on the left, using a ruler place pins at the top and bottom of the inside pocket every 1 1/2 inches to form crayon holder stitching.
17. Turn the holder with the pocket edge to the back of the machine and stitch the crayon holder lines from pin to pin.

18. Clip your threads.
19. Place the crayons in the holder

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Wisconsin Coupon Mommy said...

This is VERY cute! I will have to make one for the would definately be great for my oldest to practice tying his shoes! Brilliant!