Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Resolution-Tuesday June 23

Spending: $0

With this nearly 100 degree heat, today was the day to stay in and not go anywhere.

Energy Saving: I didn't use any gas I stayed home. My errands will be done another day and I will combine them with a trip out to round with Doc. The air conditioner was on set at green 78 degrees. Late afternoon we had my friend Vickie and the kids over for an evening "cool off" swim and wear out the kids before bed. No need for a pool heater the pool was a warm 86 degrees from all the heat. The towels were hung out on the clothes line to be reused next time instead of washing them right away. A breeze had come up after our swim and we shut the AC off.

Family Time: Swimming with the girls and while Doc and Becca did Drivers Ed homework, Detamara and I learned to play SkipBo. No TV tonight :) We had a great time and will be starting playing a game each evening for an hour before bed.

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