Monday, June 1, 2009

Heaven has a New Angel--Becca's Friend Tanela

Today Becca understands loss and how hard Noonan Syndrome can be once again. When Becca was younger we brought her to the Noonan Syndrome Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. A small group of girls all around the same age became fast friends. The pre-tween girls were brought together because they all have Noonan Syndrome and they finally understood they were not alone. Through the years they would follow each other through the internet or at other conferences. They followed each others journeys as long distance friends of the heart.

Today one of those friends Tanela, l8, lost her battle today with Noonan Syndrome. Tanela has had a lengthy battle with complications of the syndrome, including heart surgery, a lung transplant and kidney failure.

Heaven is blessed to have a very bubbly courageous angel. Please pray for her parents Mark and Karen as they say good-bye to their daughter. Say an extra prayer for Becca and the Noonan Syndrome family who have lost another angel.

To learn more about Noonan Syndrome.


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candace said...

My thoughts are with you,becca and Tanela's family...I'm sorry for your loss...god bless!