Monday, March 29, 2010

More Pictures--Mahala is Crawling

She sure looks like she is up to something!
Photographic Credit: Todd McKimmey

Free Kid's Classic Music Downloads

Musical Soup is offering 50+ Classic Mozart songs for children on their website available for free download. Check them out here. Mozart Wombsong Collection and Mozart Toddlers Collection are both FREE. I will be downloading them onto one of the inexpensive MP3 Players I bought the day after Thanksgiving to share with the grands.

Thank you Money Saving Mom for this find!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Becca's Pay it Forward--Hasbro Games or Childrens Movies for Your Children's Hospital

Becca's Pay it Forward to Get Games and Children's Movies to local Children's Hospital's.
Meet Becca

Can you help?

What can we do with all the great Games we have been finding lately

Use the game and Disney Children's Movie Deals Pay it Forward. Check out this weeks post for for some amazing game deals for charity.

Becca has spent way too much time in her 20 years at the Children's Hospitals. The games and movies were her constant companions when things were tough.

What will we do with all these amazing card games and board games and Children's Movie Deals? With using our coupons, rebates, even gift cards we can find some amazing deals and why not pick up an extra set along with Becca.

Pick them up and drop them off at your local Children's Hospital in honor of our special kids. Or another idea....drop them off at your local Boys and Girls club chapter to help even more children. Detamara's idea.

Becca has been struggling lately, sick and even more sick and tired of trying to explain to the schools just how hard it is to be Becca. She is working on something positive and also fulfill her volunteer high school graduation requirements by organizing the campaign.

Please consider helping these amazing places who help so many children's lives but also you help yourself feel good by making difference.

Post back and let us know if you joined her in dropping off games or movies... and Win a Set of 3 Games for a Charity of your local Children's Hospital.

Toys R Us-Hasbro Board Game Deal (3 Games for Free after Rebates and Gift Card)

Toys R Us Board Game Sale and Deals this week 3/28/10

Buy $20.00 worth of Hasbro Board Games get a $5.00 Toys R Us Gift Card.

You will be able to score amazing deals if you have already printed off the coupons or have any left from the newspaper. Need more games coupons? You can buy some of them at The Coupon Clippers.

$4.99 ($2.99 after rebate)
Candyland, Cootie, Memory Games, Chutes and Ladders, and Candy land

$8.99 ($5.99 after rebate)
Operation , Twister , Connect 4, and Battle Ship

Elefun and Gator Golf ($9.99 after Rebate) Receive Free Elefun Stuffed Friends with Purchase $9.99)

Combine it with the Hasbro Game Coupons for some amazing deals.

Deal Idea 1:
Buy Operation $8.99
Buy Connect 4 $8.99
Buy Twister $8.99
or Buy Monopoly $9.99
Buy a Total of 3
Total 26.97
Use $5.00 Hasbro Operation Game mfg. coupon
Use $4.00 Hasbro Connect 4 Game mfg. coupon
Use $4.00 Hasbro Twister Game mfg. coupon
or Use $5.00 Hasbro Monopoly mfg. coupon
Pay $13.97 for 3 Games
Receive $5.00 Toys R Us Gift Card
Submit for Hasbro Mfg. Rebates 3 @ $3.00 ($9.00)
Net Profit $.03

Deal Idea #2
Buy Elefun or Gator Golf $12.99
Get Elefun Friend for FREE $9.99
Hasbro Operation $8.99
Total $21.98 (including free item $32.97)
Use $5.00 off Hasbro Elefun coupon *if you were lucky enough to print it and it still is good.
Use $5.00 off Hasbro Operation coupon *
Pay $11.98
Receive $5.00 Toys r Us Gift Card
Submit for Hasbro Rebate 2 @ $3.00 ($6.00)
Net Cost $.98

We have a doctors appointment in Madison and we will be stopping by Toys R Us and picking up some games to drop off at our local Children's Hospital. Becca and I have spent too much time in them and it is our way of paying it forward. Join us and doing a Children's Hospital Game Drop!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kmart--Leapfrog Tag Books $5.99 after coupon beginning 3/28/10

Kmart has Tag Books on sale for $8.99 each.
Use $3.00 coupon from here
Pay $5.99 each

Or use the price match to match up with the $5.00/$30 Leapfrog coupon at Target and
the Leapfr0g Leapster Game Deal.

Target-Leapfrog Games Deal Beginning Sunday

Target Leapster Deal Beginning Tomorrow- Sunday 3-28-10

Buy two Leapfrog Games $15 each

Use one $5/$30 Leapfrog Target printable coupon
Use two $5.00/1 Leapfrog Leapster Game mfg. coupon
Use two $5/1 Leapfrog Games coupons (Do not print until Sunday as these expire fast)
Pay $15 for two after coupons (Thanks Totally Target!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Garage Sale Season Begun--My Find of the Day

My friend Joleen called yesterday to remind me that the tiny village of Louisburg (Louisiana in Detamara's infamy) had their "Citywide" Garage Sales today. I roused Detamara up early and we were off to the tiny hamlet of maybe 20+ homes and a car dealership about 20 miles from home. For the past two years I have launched my garage sale season the last weekend in March. Sometimes in snow, rain, and this year a sunny 23 with a stiff wind that chilled us through.

But the trip was worth it. My find of the day.... This Wooden 26 Count Pottery Barn Block Set. Guess what I had paid... no cheating by blowing up the picture. A amazing 75 cents.

I picked up a stack of button up shirts in size 3T to 5 for Nathan's little paddles (Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nautica etc. ) for a $1 each and two pairs of designer dress cords to match the 2 designer sweaters. I found a couple of Melissa and Doug sets, Tanagrams and lacing cards for a couple of dollars each.

My second favorite find was a Stainless Steel Stockpot with Glass Lid, they were asking $10, with a little haggling got it for $6 and I now have enough pots when I make freezer meals. Detamara couldn't resist the Cuisinart Egg Cooker in its original package.

Detamara (a city kid) was laughing when we were walking up to one garage being followed by a couple of geese and a pair of farm ducks, as an Amish buggy was pulling in. Just a day in the life of a doctors family in farm country.

What is Becca Up To? Fighting

Read this story from Terri Mauro at Special

*I have not kept up my blog this week as I am buried--literally buried in her educational records from 20 years of schooling.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kasja is Two

Photographic Credit: Todd McKimmey

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Repurpose: Clips from Children's Hangers

Using Children's pants hangers, make the best clips. I started using them a year ago, and I use them almost everyday for many purposes.

Use your kitchen shears and cut it at the beginning of the clip on each side.

Two clips for FREE. I use these on open packages of chips, bulk size frozen foods, stacks of papers that are too big for standard paper clips and even keeping phone cords together while
traveling. They even work as clothespins hanging out clothing. They are locked in place and on windy days they do not pull loose.

The advantage of these over store bought clips, they don't have handles and are much stronger and compact besides they are FREE.

Hint: At our favorite children's department store ask if they have any of these hangers. They often do not reuse them and will be more than happy to give them away!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Target--Monopoly and Connect 4 Games for Toys for Tots

With the Hasbro coupons from today's paper I was able to get 8 games and 4 My Little Ponies to put away for Toys for Tots.

Monopoly $7.00 less $5.00 coupon, Pay $2.00 each (5) $10.00/5
Connect 4 $7.00 less $4.00 coupon, Pay $3.00 each (3) $9.00/3
My Little Ponies 4 @ $4.99 ($19.96) used 2--BOGF
Cash Register took off --2 x$7.00 for each coupon -$14.00
Paid $5.96 for 4 Ponies

Total $24.96 for all.

Kmart-- 50% off Clearance Toys and $2.99 Winter Pajamas

I am just back from Kmart doing some early Christmas shopping and picked up a few Toys 50% off the clearance price.

I found Little Tikes camera's, a Little Tikes Gas Pump, Cars Mega Block set with jumbo tub and a baby for the grands. There were many Barbies, Little Pet Shop, Little Pony and Strawberry
Shortcake items.

They also had their winter clearance clothing for $2.99 each and I stocked up on pajamas for both Becca and Detamara.

I didn't pick up any Fisher Price but in my email there was a $10.00 off of $50.00 Fisher Price Kmart Coupon which may be worth printing off. Our store had several larger ticket Fisher Price Learning Toys and the Handy Mandy sets where this coupon will get it discounted further.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walmart Clearance Finds: Fisher Price Sweet as Me Stroller and High Chair $7.00 Each

Fisher Price Sweet as Me Stroller and High Chair on clearance at our Walmart
$7.00 each (orig. $25.00 ea)

We ran out to Walmart for a bicycle pump for our Target Schwinn Clearance Bikes for a ride tonight. I found these two Fisher Price items over by the bicycles and had to take a double-take over the prices. I grabbed these for a start on my Christmas shopping and may go back and grab a couple of more to donate to Toys for Tots!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Becca's Best Movie Deal: Toy Story Movies Deal Plus Free Tickets for Toy Story 3

Even More Disney Movie Deals!

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are being released 3-23-2010 and here is another Target Deal for you! You will also receive movie cash towards Toy Story 3 (June 18) in each combo pack as well as a Target-exclusive DVD-ROM game. They will be priced at $19.99 from 3-23 to 3-27 with another $10.00 off when you buy both Combo Packs.

Toy Story 3 Movie Trailer


Toy Story Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack--$22.99
Toy Story 2 Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack --$22.99
Total $45.98/2
Get $10 off if you purchase both at Target Discount
Subtotal $35.98
Use 2--$5.00 off each mfg. Toy Story coupons**
Use $10.00 off Trade Up Blu-ray Coupon through Disney Rewards if you have them already.
Pay $25.98 plus 2 free movie passes for Toy Story 3
or $15.98 if you have 2--$10.00 off coupons
Total Savings $20.00 or $30.00

**Check back for any Rebates that may come available.

**$5.00 coupon should be available, here: Disney Magical Savings Coupons and Savings on Disney DVD sometime between now and 3/23

We found this posted at A Full Cup and and as more information arrives and links we will be keeping the blog updated.

I know where we will be when Target opens on Tuesday! Our store sells out of Blu-ray in just minutes after it opens.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Becca's Best Movie Deal: The Princess and the Frog $.99 after Coupon and Rebates

The Princess and the Frog DVD for Under $1.00
and Free Band-aids? How?

Just in Case you are need another The Princess and the Frog Movie Deal here's another.


Buy Princess and the Frog DVD $15.99
Buy 2 Bandaids $1.84
Use $5.00 off mfg. coupon
Use 2--$1.00 off mfg. Band-aid Coupons
Use 2--$1.00 off Target Coupons
Pay $10.99
Submit for 2 Rebates (2 Proof of Purchase Tabs)
Submit for Bandaid Rebate -$5.00
Submit for Frog Tape Rebate -$5.00 * (had to buy it at our hardware store)
Submit for Success Rice Rebate (Buy 2 Success Rice Products to go with)
Pay $0.99 plus tax and the cost of the Frog Painters Tape

*To get this price you have to buy Frog Painters Tape. I am in the process of painting and needed some painters tape anyway.

NEW UPDATE: From Deal Seeking Mom

A Third Rebate will soon be out:
Buy 2 Success Rice Products and The Princess and the Frog
and get a $5.00 rebate.

There will be $1.00/2 Success Rice Coupons coming out also.
If your grocery store doubles like our Piiggly Wiggly I can get cheap rice to go with it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Newest Video of Nana's Big Girl

Kristy told me to head to You tube and see the latest video of Princess Kasja. I think this might just be a yogurt commercial in the making. This proud Nana just had to share with family and friends!

Disney Princess Trivia and Princess site with FREE Games and Activities

The Disney Princess Site
You little princess can interact playing games and activities their favorite princess.
Screensavers, cards, coloring pages, and activities. Along with princess paint, games and other interactive games to keep your little princess busy and all for FREE!

We spent the afternoon researching Disney Princesses and found this Disney Princess Trivia.

Official Princesses:
Snow White
Princess Tiana

How many Princes or the Princesses Heroes can you help us name?
Leave a comment and help us compile a list

Becca's Best Movie Giveaway: The Princess and the Frog Blu-Ray Combo Pack

Becca is giving away a copy of Disney's The Princess and the Frog Blu-Ray Combo Pack.
Meet Becca

To enter leave a comment answering the question: Who is your child's or your favorite Princess and what little princess will this be given to?

To earn an extra entry blog about any post: Becca's Princess Movie Coupon, Deal ( coming 3-14) or Contest and comment back with the link.

Comments are moderated to keep spam away.

Good luck and I hope your little princess gets to win. The entry will be drawn on March 21, 2010 at noon.

And don't forget to check out the movie trailer, print your coupon and find a deal or rebate.

Becca's Best Movie Deal: ThePrincess and the Frog $6.99 after coupons and rebates

Disney Princess and the Frog
Release: 3-16-2010

Target Deal:

Buy The Princess and the Frog Blu-Ray Combo Pack $26.99
Buy 2 Kids Band-aids $1.84
Use $10.00 off mfg. coupon
Use 2--Target Bandaid coupons
Use 2--$1.00 mfg. coupons
Pay $16.99
Submit for Band-aid Rebate -$5.00
*Submit for Frog Tape Rebate -$5.00
Net Total after Rebates $6.99

*Buy Frog Tape to Submit for the Disney Rebate (I have some painting to do anyway).

Print your $10.00 off Disney's The Princess and the Frog Blu-ray Combo Pack. Will be released next Tuesday March 16, 2010.

Check out the Movie Trailer

Princess and the Frog Rebate $5.00
Purchase The Princess and the Frog Blu-ray or DVD and any roll of FrogTape Multi-Surface (24mm, 36mm, or 48mm).

Princess and the Frog Bandaid Rebate
Buy 2 boxes of Band-Aids and The Princess and The Frog on Blu-ray or DVD to get a $5 rebate! Check out all the details and print the rebate form here. This is a great rebate because it should be pretty simple for you to score FREE Band-Aids. Use the $1.00 off Target Coupon and mfg. coupon to save on the Bandaids to go with the rebate.

We are anxiously awaiting this release. Detamara asked why Disney waited so long for a Black Princess? She wishes they had done it when she was smaller as she would have loved to have Disney princess who looked like her.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Walgreens--Life Saver Jelly Beans $1.00 a pack

Docs Favorite
With my RR will be FREE!

Lifesaver Jelly beans on sale 2/$4

Use the $1/2 coupon from the Walgreens March Coupon Booklet
Plus, use the new $1/2 coupon from here
Final Cost $1 per bag!

Walgreens-- All 2X Liquid Detergent 20 oz. $.50 after coupons

I found this extra coupon on the Walgreens site for 3/7-3/13.

All 2X Liquid Detergent $2.50 with coupon
Use $2.00 mfg. coupon
**Walgreens Catalina Printable I got when I did the Purex Deal last week.
or $1.00 mfg. coupon from ??
Pay $.50 or $1.50 each

I will price match the Walgreens Ad at Pamida to use my $1.00 coupons and get more for $.50 each! I won't have to buy laundry detergent for a very long time and either will some of the grown kids.

Walgreens: Buy 2 Gillette Body Wash and 2 Gillette Deodorants for $.49 for all 4

Pay $.49 for 2 Gillette Deodorant and 2 Gillette Body Wash. I found this deal posted at A full cup and it worked perfectly for me!

Buy 2 Gillette Body wash 12 oz $4.49 ea
Buy 2 Gillette Deo 3 or 4 oz $4.49
Total= $17.96
Less--$4/2 Deodorant/Body Wash Coupon from 2/21 P&G
Less--Use 2 Free Body wash wyb Deodorant from 2/7 P&G (-$8.98)
Register will take off BOGO50% Wags sale (-$4.49) taken off at end
Pay $.49 for all 4 items ($.12 each)

I still have a couple more coupons and will repeat it later this week :)

Target--More Freebies Finds

Just when I finally got all my finds put away, I found more Freebies to buy. Check out the thorough posting at Attention Target Shoppers for more Free finds.

Target-- Tag Jr. Reader and Easter Book for $22.98

I bought the Tag Jr. Easter Book and realized the coupon on the book is a Target Coupon (exp. 8-1-10). Combined with a sale and a manufacturer coupon it may be had for a great price.

Right now there is a $5.00 Tag Jr. Coupon at which may be worth printing in case Target puts it on sale this month. Using both coupons will take $10.00 off!


Tag Jr. $34.99
Tag Jr. Easter Book $4.99
Total $39.98
Use $5.00 off $30.00 Target Leapfrog Purchase Coupon
Use $5.00 off Target Tag. Jr. Coupon (off the Easter Book) Target Printable Coupons
Use $5.00 off mfg. Tag Jr. Coupon
Use $2.00 off mg. Tag Jr. Book Coupon
Pay $22.98 for Reader and the Easter Book

Or for just the book:

Tag Jr. Easter book $4.99
Use $2.00 mfg. coupon (exp. 6-30-10 pdf)
Pay $2.99 for Book with Target Tag Jr. Coupon attached.

Found in the Easter Section

My Freebies for the Day--Turning Shopping into an Art and Saving Money

My Freebies for the Day

Savings: $160.73
Paid: $2.99 + Tax

I rode with Doc to round in our neighboring town and he dropped me off at Walgreens. I began with using Flex money to pick up two transactions of 5 Dayquil each which netted me 2--$10.00RR after spending $14.95 after coupons each. I rolled from there, doing three more transactions with a smiling assistant manager!

My plan needed to be modified because of finding more deals and coupons. Picking up 3 cheese, 3 meat and 2 Oreos (for Doc and Dee) to get the Kraft Reward. Scoring 4 boxes of Post Fruity Pebbles for free and was shocked when I got another $3.00 RR. But I still did alright. Only paying for fillers and my Diet Pepsi as I was done before he got back from visiting patients. Adding in 2 DozenEggs, 4 Glade Sense and Sprays, 4 cans of Mushrooms, 2 Colgate Total, 2 Gillete Body Wash, 2 Gillette Deodorants, and Gerber Baby Food Peaches for baking Gluten-free Peach Yogurt Muffins this afternoon. Total $1.06 and $1.93 at Walgreens.

We then headed over Walmart and picked up $1.00 Glade Candes and Plug-ins using coupons and our FREE Oreo Cakesters, Herbal Essense Shampoo and Free $.25 packages of 3 stretchable gloves to use up my overage and I price matched Walgreens to get lactose free Breyers Ice Cream and 6 Oscar Mayer Deli Chicken. We also used the $1.39 Franks Red Hot Sauce coupons and got 3 larger bottles for $.44 each. I splurged and treated myself to some fresh fruit for breakfast because of saving so much elsewhere!

Stopping by Piggly Wiggly I picked up cheese to add as fillers to get the before coupon total over $25.00 and scored 6 boxes of Honey Nut Chex and a Gallon of Milk.

I had been staying home for the past two months, living out of our pantry. For me turning saving is an art...a challenge... and just to see how far I can stretch out a dollar. Besides with only two kids home I am now bored! I would have never believed that living in rural America I can get this much for FREE.

Happy saving.


Unbelieveable Cereal Deals: Todays Shopping--10 Boxes for Free and Free Milk

I rolled a $5.00 RR at Walgreens and got 4 boxes of Gluten-free Fruity Pebbles for FREE and walked away with another $3.00 RR for buying 4 boxes of Post cereal!

I bought 4 Fruity Pebbles@ $1.75 per box = $7.00/4
Less 2--$1.00/2 mfg. coupons
Add in an Easter filler 2/$1.00
Total $6.00
Used $5.00 Register Reward from Kraft Deal
Paid $1.06 including tax
Received a $3.00 RR for buying 4 boxes of Post Cereal

Piggly Wiggly--Doubles up to 5 Coupons on a $25.00 order through 3/23

I bought 6 Gluten-free Honey Nut Chex $2.99 = $17.94
4 large blocks of Medium Cheddar Cheese $10.00/4 (regular $4.49 ea.)
Gallon of Piggly Wiggly Milk $2.79
Tropicana Orange Juice (impulse item--no coupon)
Total $32.72
Less $10.00 off discount when you buy 6 General Mills Cereal
Less 4--$.75 mfg. chex coupons doubled -$6.00
Less 1--$1.00/2 mfg. chex coupon doubled -$2.00
Less -$2.79 FREE milk when you buy 6 General Mills Cereal
Paid $11.94 for 4 Cheese and Orange juice
6 Cereal and Milk for Free

I wasn't sure how this would go so had extra items just in case.

My next two trips will be Monday and Tuesday

6 Cereal and 1 milk and 2 cheese = $25.73
Cereal deal from above
Pay $4.96 for 2 Cheese

Three trips to Piggly Wiggly and One to Walgreens we will have gotten 18 boxes of Various Gluten-free Chex and 4 boxes of Fruity Pebbles and three gallons of milk for FREE.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Becca's Best Movie Deal: Old Dogs $16.99 for Blu-Ray at Target

Becca found another Disney Movie Deal!

Meet Becca Our Movie Deal Writer and Critic

Tuesday 3/9/10 is the Release of Disney's "Old Dogs". Check out the Movie Trailer.

Sale Price for Old Dog--3 Disc Blu-Ray Combo Pack $26.99
Use this $10 off Disney’s Old Dogs Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack.
Pay $16.99

Don't forget to enter your points at Disney Movie Rewards!

Somehow not intentionally I got two old Dog posts in a row...
Our Old Dog read the previous post!

Meet Detamara's Rescued Dog Holly

Detamara and Holly

Two summers ago, we acquired a new member of the family. We were helping a friend move and the house that they rented came with an abandoned Yellow Lab/Golden Retreiver named Holly. Her owners had abandoned the house 7 years earlier and left the dog on her own dropping off food into her garage home once a week. My friends family had taken care of her for a year. They were moving and on Saturday we frantically tried to find an open shelter and to no avail. With my friends 5 adopted children, Detamara and Becca (a dog lover) Doc knew that we had no choice but pick her up put her in the truck with him and moved her along with the furniture. By this time, my girls were worried terribly about the lethargic dog and we realized we just "adopted again!"

She arrived in Lancaster with her 90+ woodticks and after a bath, tick removal we were off to the vet and $300+ later. The dog had severe Lymes disease, a raging kidney and bladder infection that had been ongoing. With Holly being an older dog we did not know whether she was going to survive, but Detamara took on the challenge of nursing the neglected dog. We had new carpet and a leaking dog with damaged bladder control. She cried being in the laundry room and Detamara told me that "Just because someone is old, we don't give up on them, we buy diapers". "Besides you had to buy pull ups when you adopted me".

Detamara and Holly (now coined Diaper Dog by Howard the Orkin Man) are the best of friends. Bonded by their neglectful histories, where ever Detamara goes Holly is only a few steps behind. Holly is now about 10+ years old, her white face shows her age. But for the remainder of Holly's life she is spoiled. No longer neglected, she is happy to wear her Diapers and no longer wants for attention or a warm place to sleep and has plenty of food. Estrogen pills from the vet is helping keeping leaking to a minimum and we can now get by on a package a week!

Detamara has helped Holly heal and Holly has helped Detamara. A girl and her big old dog.

Diaper Dog

Yesterdays Walgreen Find--Clearance Adult Diapers for Our Dog!
$3.79 less $1.50 coupon = $2.29 and we have three weeks worth of diapers.

Walgreens Run-Saturday 3/6

Total Out of Pocket: $22.96
Savings: Over $200.00 buy matching coupons and rolling rewards at a 2 Walgreens stores.

Did you know you can buy oranges at Walgreens?
I did and got them for $1.00 for 2 after using a $5.00 RR

I found 4 Pullups that are on clearance for $2.79 less 4--$2.00 coupons Paying $.79 each or $3.18/4 and received a $5.00 RR for a Moneymaker which I then rolled on other transactions.

I will submit my receipts for Medical Flex Reimbursement as I always begin with putting out my cash for non-prescription items and then roll them onto the rest of my shopping.

Walgreens wouldn't let me use the BOGF coupons on the BOGF Purex two get 2 free, but instead I bought l and got 3 free using $5.00 RR to pay only $.99 for 4. I did it twice to pay $1.98 for 8.

Kmart--Hasbro Toys Scores

Kmart has the Hasbro Glo Worm on sale this month for $6.99.
Use the $2.00 off Hasbro Glo worm mfg. coupon
Pay $4.99

*I picked a couple up as I have a couple of baby gifts to buy as our niece and nephew are both expecting this spring. I have given these to each of my Granddaughters and Baby Paddles got one for Christmas.

Chuck and Friends $8.99 (There are three different assortments)
Use $3.00 off Hasbro Chuck and Friends mfg. coupons
Pay $5.99

Playskool Wheel Pals Animal Tracks Zoomimals $9.99 (Two Different Kinds)
Use $3.00 Hasbro mfg. coupon
Pay $6.99

I had fun picking up a few items for the little ones.

Pamida--Double Coupons beginning today 3/6-3/13

Our Small Town Pamida has Double Coupons this week.
Combined with they match local ads, I may be able to score some freebies!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Walgreens-Next Weeks Ad 3/7 to 3/14 More FREE Cereal after RR Rolling

Check out Walgreens Ad Scan for the upcoming week.

My plan:

First Transaction and Second Transactions
Buy 5 Dayquil $4.49 = $22.45
Kleenex with Vicks
Use 5--$2.00 off coupons -$10.00 (or $1.50 coupons -$7.50)
Use Kleenex with Vicks Coupon (Free)
Pay $12.45 for 5 Dayquil and Box of Kleenex with Vicks
Receive $10.00 RR
*Submit for Medical Flex Spending

Third Transaction
Buy 3 Oscar Mayer Deli Lunch Meats, 3 Kraft Cheese, Oreos @ $2.50 each
Used various coupons
2 Dozen Eggs at $.79 each
Sense and Spray $5.99 x 4
Used Wags Coupon $-$2.00 x 4 -$8.00
Used mfg. coupon 4 @$3.00 -$12.00
Total $22.93
Use 2--$10.00 RR from first and second transactions
Pay $2.93
Receive $5.00 RR

Third Transaction:
Post Fruity Pebbles $1.75 per box
Buy 4 @ 1.75 each = $7.00/4
Use 2--$1.00/2 mfg. coupons -$2.00
Add a filler 2/$1.00
Total $6.00 for 4
Use $5.00 RR from Transaction $2
Pay $1.06 including tax
Receive $3.00 RR from Post cereals

I just did my rolling and scored FREE cereal and got $3.00 in Register Rewards to start my next weeks shopping!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Leapfrog Coupons--Easter TAG Book at Target $2.99

New LeapFrog Coupons:
Valid until 6-30-2010

$2/1 ANY Tag Jr. Book
$3/1 ANY Tag Book
$5/1 ANY Leapster Learning Game

$7/1 ANY Didj Learning Game
$5/1 Any Zippity Learning Game

$3/1 Any Clickstart Learning Game

$5/1 Any Fridge Toy

Use these coupons to along with the $5 off LeapFrog purchase of $30 or more Target coupon from here and find some amazing leapfrog learning finds.

Target has these TAG Jr. Books in the Easter section for $4.99.

Buy a book at $4.99

Use $2.00 off coupon
Pay $2.99

*I need three and will combine it with more leapfrog items to double up the savings with the $5.00 off Leapfrog Target Deal.

I always carry a batch of Leapfrog learning coupons in the back of my coupon binder just in case I run into Leapfrog clearance items. Doing this I have bought Tag Jr. and Tag books for as little as $1.00 and found FREE leapfrog games.

We have built quite a collection of books, games and products at this point. I have begun building Kasja and Mahala and now little Paddles Tag Jr and Tag book collections. He got a TAG reader for Christmas thanks to the Target and TAG mfg. coupon double up before he is even born. I found two books each on a clearance rack at Walmart for $1.00 after coupons.

Target--Spud Bunny Mr. Potato Head $3.99 after coupon

$3.99 after coupon

In the Target Easter Section I spied a Mr. Potato Head Spud Bunny for $5.99. Use the $2.00 coupon from Hasbro and last month and get it for $3.99 for an Easter Basket frugal stuffer.

Another Target Easter Toys Deal:

The Easter Section has Easter Little Ponies for $5.99 and combined with the Buy One Get One Free Coupon from from last month will score TWO for the Price of One.

Walmart--Children's Clearance Healthtex Sets $2.00 and Juniors Miley Cyrus line $1.00

$2.00 on clearance at our Walmart

I stopped by Walmart last night to return a Redbox rental and cruised the children's clothing racks. Walmart here is usually late in the clearance season and I will be watching as I can find incredible deals for play clothes.

Last night I found Infant and Toddler Girls Healthtex corduroy pants, two piece jumpers, tops, skirt with leggings all for $2.00 a piece. The rack was full of three different jumper sets, 4 different red and white tops, three corduroy pants and a two piece-skirt/legging set.

Also of Note: Disney Infant and Toddler Blanket Sleepers were $3.00.
Princess Tiana, Disney Princesses, Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse, Toy Story and Cars were the ones I got to choose from.

In the Juniors Section--Our Walmart had all the Miley Cyrus Winter Clothing Line $1.00.
I bought Becca and Detamara each three different knit short sleeve t-shirts.

**Walmart is hard to predict on clearance as many stores have different markdowns and schedules. But this is what I found in Wisconsin at our local store as a trend.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Piggly Wiggly--Double Coupons and 6 FREE General Mills Cereal

Piggly Wiggly in our area is doubling coupons from March 3-23! I am so excited. They will double up to 5 coupons up to a $1.00 with a $25.00 purchase.

  • Split your order into $25.00 increments to be able to double more coupons.
  • Hand the coupons you want doubled to the cashier first, then the rest of the coupons.
  • Maximize savings by matching on sale items with coupons and then figure which items will have the greatest savings. The top five or ten if order is split will be the doubled coupons.

Anny's Crazy Pig Deal Find
--Week of March 3 to 10.

Buy 6 boxes of select General Mills Cereals and Get $10.00 off and a coupon for FREE Milk.Scenario

Buy 6 boxes General Mills Cereal @ around $3.00+ a box $18.00
Use 4--$.75 coupons from (doubled) -$6.00
Use 1--$1.00/2 coupon (many out there) (doubled) -$2.00
Less the $10.00 savings from the Pig
FREE Cereal and a coupon for FREE Milk.*

*If the cereal is a few cents over $3.00 there may be a dollar or two to be paid at the register

I will buy my produce on this transaction as to not have any other coupons on it to get my $25.00 sale.

I will be stocking up on Chex as we have to eat Gluten-free except for the Doc. My shelves were
getting low after the kids were home for Christmas stocking up from Mom's Mini-Superstore.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Becca's Best Movie Deal: Disney Coupons for Both Ponyo and Baby Einstein

For a $10.00 off Ponyo Two Disc Blu-ray
and $5.00 Any Baby Einstein Video.
Head on over and print your coupons.

Target has the Ponyo DVD for $24.99 for Blu-Ray Two Disc
Use the $10.00 off coupon
Pay $14.99

Remember to enter your Disney Rewards Points.

Becca is excited to give you more Disney coupons for your little ones. She is printing the Baby Einstein Video coupons for her new nephew referred to as "Paddles" who will make his entrance into the family in April.