Friday, June 19, 2009

Resolution--Return to my roots

For the past few years, with the new found wealth of being a Doctor and Doctors Family we spent money we didn't need to. We have all the electronic gadgets--some of them my sanity to manage several teens with extraordinary gifts and challenges to keep my sanity, but others we really didn't need. I could spend money on whatever I wanted and still found the best deals. Did we really need all of the things we acquired?

Our times that really matter is the time spent with our kids and the simplier the better. I have returned to my coupon clipping deal making habits that kept us fed through the times we didn't know where our next paycheck was coming from. Only God knew how we were going to eat the next day or if tiny Becca was going to survive. We found that all we have can be taken from us in a moments notice that is life. What is trually important in life is awakened by trials that enlighten us how little all of our worldly goods really matter.

With the fall of our economy, many of us are looking into ourselves, our budgets and finding that all the stuff we have accumulated has cost us alot of money, takes money to manage, and clutters our lives. The stuff we have bought since our frugal days means less money in the bank. I have not used credit cards, we have student loan debt, our house, the loss on our house in Michigan to pay for.

I am returning to my roots. I wasn't just frugal, I was thrifty, and if we didn't need it we didn't buy it. I am going back to my notebook where I have to justify every expenditure. We will be writing down EVERY PENNY we spend. Everything else will be saved or put into paying off our debt. We do have one big expense our trip to California for Marissa's wedding and we will be driving to save money everything associated with that trip.

My goal to pay off all our debts, house, etc. within the next 8 years. We came up with a plan and
I will be posting my challenge each day on cost cutting and saving on my blog. It will be my
Monitor on holding myself accountable.

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Popcorn House said...

Thank you for posting this! Are you going to explain your notebook system?

My husband just graduated from graduate school.....and is having a hard time finding a job. And we have been doing a lot of talking about what is really important to us. We have five kids and one of them has a mild form a cerebral palsy so we need to be better about where we are putting our money. Anyways, I would love to know more about your system!