Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quiet and I Don't Have to Cook

Doc and Becca went off to the hospital today to round and stopped by the clinic to drop off some paperwork. I got time to write a guest blog post for Candace at Dealectible Mommies and a break from helping Becca do her schoolwork for her drivers training class. She is now obsessing about the "rules of the road" and I have a sidekick front seat driver (think autism, think obsessive, and little professor, I was enjoying the quiet). Sometimes I wonder why I worked so hard to teach her to speak by the time she was five, and now she seldom shuts up unless she is sick. Becca is a motor mouth, but in public she is shy, signs until she is comfortable. I am blessed by my quiet morning to write undisturbed.

I just finished my post and they walked in the door with dinner! The clinic often has leftovers from some sort of luncheon meeting and Doc now regularly checks on Saturday to see if there are "leftovers" catered by a restaurant.

Today's leftovers left over tins of Chicken Alfredo and other tins of Pasta from Pizza Hut. I have yet to check it all out, but Becca set the Culvers Cole Slaw--my favorite in front of the computer. While Becca and I can't eat the pasta because of our gluten intolerence Becca ate left over shrimp stir fry from yesterday. There will be enough for breaking into individual portions and freeze.

I find it is a wonderful surprise whenever Doc brings home the extras. Our favorite lunch leftovers from the clinic... Carlos O Kelly (Dubuque, IA) burrito fixings and salads which we get about once a month which we all can eat :)

Today is a great day, I had peace and quiet, Becca got time with her dad and we have lunch.
Thank you to Doc for taking Becca out and giving me a hour and a half break and for bringing home lunch.

I forgot to add...its FREE!!


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