Monday, June 22, 2009

Repurpose--Huggies Wipes Dryer Sheet Holder

What do you do with the empty Huggies Wipes Container?

Repurpose it. I just refilled mine with by FREE Arm and Hammer Essentials from Kmart Doubles. I have been using them for this purpose for over a twenty years. I use one to keep my fabric softener dryer sheets neat and organized. It will hold 2--100 count or 3--80 count packages or 250 sheets. Just open the lid and pull a sheet out. The plastic keeps the scent fresh and neatly organized.

Saving money hint: Use 1/2 a sheet instead of a whole sheet. It works just as well, and reuse the sheet on the next dryer load and add a fresh half.

What do you do to repurpose your Baby Wipes Containers? Leave a comment and lets see how many ways we can use the plastic containers.


Alicia said...

They are also a great size for markers, pencils, and crayons. They come with Pooh and decorator design's now so they are really cute when we re-purpose them!

Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

Crayons as well, at one point I had a big stash and the kids used them as giant "blocks"

Sara M. said...

I use empty wipes containers to store my travel-sized toiletries in my suitcase on trips. The travel sizes fit perfectly in the container (usually) upright. If anything happens to leak, the wipe container keeps the mess contained & off your clothes.

RGoins said...

I use a wipes container and large plastic coins for a pretend piggy bank for my toddler. He loves it!