Sunday, February 8, 2009

What I Can Do With $20 and 2 Hours

My coupon buddy called and asked if I wanted to head out to coupon hunt. With the temperature expected to be in the forties, my cleaning can wait, besides the Doc is home and he can hang out with the girls. I told Melissa I wasn't spending anything more than Twenty dollars.

Bandaids off the clearance rack 3 @ $1.50 less $1.00 coupon 2/7=$.50 each
Contour Glucose Monitor $18.82 less $18.82= FREE
Breeze 2 Glucose Monitor $18.82 less $18.82= FREE
(Both being donated to the Free Clinic)
Schick 10 ct.+2 Free Disposable Razors 5 @$1.97 less $2.00 coupon=FREE
Rolaids 3 pack 6@$1.57 less 3--$4.00/2 coupons +$.86 overage x 3
Cars Toy Story Pack clearance $3.00
Plus $1.00 mini pack of snickers and a $1.39 for my Diet Coke

They have a huge selection of Goody and Scrunchy Hair Products and they were recently marked down again to about 75% off. I stocked up for the girls and used a $10.00 RR
Goody and Scrunchy No Slip Headbands 4@1.29 each.
Scrunchy Headbands 2@$.79
Goody Hair Ties 2@$.79
Progresso Soup 2 @$1.25 less 2--$1.10 coupons=$.15
Johnson and Johnson Mini First Aid Kits 5@$1.49 less 5--$1.00 coupons 2/7
Sunsilk Hair Care (clearance) 2@$1.09 less $2.00/2=$.09 each

Pamida (doubles today)
Quaker Oatmeal 4@$2.00 less $1.00 coupons= FREE
(price matched Walgreens)
Trident Gum 6 @$1.19 less $.75 coupons=+$.31 overage
Fantastick Spray Cleaner 5@$2.50 less $1.00 coupons=$.49
Character BandAids 4@$2.99 less $1.00 coupons=$.99 each
J & J First Aid Kits 4@$1.49 less $1.00 coupons=$.51 overage

Dollar General
Super Hero Punching Bags 2@$1.25 (75%)

I can't believe I came with change left from my $20 and I got all this.
I was able to save with coupons, buying on sale, price matching an amazing $194.20 and had a couple of hours out with a friend while Dad hung out with his girls.

Figuring a salary for my time that makes it $97.10 per hour and of that time an hour was driving to the store and back.

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