Monday, February 23, 2009

Heirloom Childrens Sale--extra 15% off Strasburg Childrens

Strasburg Children's has their spring line on sale and an extra February sale l5% off the everything including their sale items. Save up to a 45% price savings. Use Coupon Code FEBSALE.

Easter, wedding season, and my granddaughters first birthday are all coming up. Check out their the infant selection and come back and give me feedback on what special dress I should buy for Kasja's first birthday (March 19). Kristy, Marissa and my fellow bloggers help me make up my mind!


Ian's mom said...

I wish I knew what way you were leaning on the dress! I'm completely in love with the sun dress with bloomers, but you are up north and I'm guessing March won't exactly be sun dress with bloomers type weather. I'm sure she will be gorgeous with whatever you choose! (don't forget to post and let us all know) :-)

Annystribe said...

Kasja is way down in Texas and March through summer will be hot. I can't even decide, there are too many choices and asked what everyone liked.

Thanks for the help, Kristy, Marissa and others give me your favorites.