Friday, February 13, 2009

1st Garage Sale of the Season

This week has been a blessing, the weather has been warm for February, and the we can see ground again. In our rural shopping news I discovered my mission for the day, someone was having a Garage Sale! The farm woman had rented out the Township Hall for a mere $l0.00 a day, she had heat, a restroom, and it came with tables. It was a brilliant idea!

She had a ton of baby and toddler boy things, but with my Granddaughter I was out of luck, but found some Gardening books for a dollar. I will try my hand at raising plants, Doc is laughing because I have anything but a green thumb. I found a couple of pairs of Old Navy Toddler Boy jean with holes in the knees for 50 cents, cutting them off, run them through the Serger and with hemming, they will become perfectly good my friend Lisa's son for summer. I also picked up some basic patterns for a quarter and the girls can build their sewing skills with making some summer pajama pants. I picked up cheap receiving blankets for cleaning instead of using paper towels.

I drove out to this little village, through the rolling hills of SW Wisconsin, the sun shining and I smiled as I passed an Amish buggy. My girls say we live in little house on the prairie with only we have hills. I park my gas guzzling Sequoia in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot next to an Amish buggy tied to hitching post. I can have the simplicity of the country but can venture into the rat race when I want. Doc mistakenly thought I would not shop out in the country, but with the internet and UPS I do just fine.

I had a taste of spring today, I cannot wait for the farmers markets, garage sales, and auctions to begin. Jim can't wait for me to buy homemade Amish baked goods, as this celiac wife cannot bake with wheat in my kitchen. I can't wait.

Spring is just around the corner... I found my first garage sale.

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