Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kmart Doubles 2/22

I am back from my trip to Kmart and will be posting my pictures etc. in the morning.
I am quickly posting some of my best match-ups before heading off to bed.

Hormel Meals $2.00 less $.75/$1.50= $.50
Post Cereals 4/$10.00 less instant $2.00/4--less 2--$1.00/2= $4.00 for 4 boxes
Dentyne 3 pack Gum $2.49 less $1.00/$2.00=$.49
Dentyne Single Pack Gum $1.29 less $.75/$1.29= FREE
Secret Deodorant $4.29 less $2.00/$4.00=$.29
Glad Carpet Fresh $1.50 less $1.00/$1.50=FREE
Windex $2.79 less $1.50/$2.79=FREE
Suave Body Wash $1.99 less $1.00/$1.99=FREE
Hefty Trash Bags $7.99 less $1.00/$2.00=$5.99 large packs
Ziploc Sandwich Bags $2.19 less $.75/$1.50=$.69
Vaseline Intensive Care $2.99 less $1.59/$3.00=FREE
Bic Comfort 3 Razors $3.79 less $2.00/$3.79=FREE
Johnsons Bath Buddies Body Wash $2.49 less $1.00/$2.00=$.49
Loreal Kids Shampoo (clearance) $2.09 less $.75/$1.50=$.59
Kotex Light Days $1.29 less $.75/$1.29=FREE
Carefree $1.29 less $1.00/$1.29=FREE
Quaker Granola Bars 2 for $5.00 less $1.00/2-$2.00/2=$3.00/2
Wet Wipes $2.29 less $.75/$1.50=$.79
V-8 Juice $2.50 less $.55/$1.10=$$1.40

Valentines were 90% off, packages for next year $.29 or $.39

Remember that you have to have one extra item without a coupon to be able to use the Kmart $5.00 off $50.00 purchase. We bought a soda to use the $5.00 on one order and the other two we threw in a package of Valentines.

After the cashier hits total, the Kmart $5.00 off coupon has to be given before taking off any coupons.

Watch the cashier to make sure she is pressing the correct buttons and the items are doubling correctly.

When using a coupon that is for two items, the coupon will only double to the price of the first item. I do not use any coupons for two unless the double only matches the price of the first item or under.

It does not take long to accumulate 25 items, Jim, Becca, and I each ran through lines and I had gone early in the morning with my coupon buddy Melissa. With living 35 miles from this Kmart we had to do it all in one trip to make the savings worthwhile. While we were in the city, gas across the border is $.20 a gallon less than in Wisconsin and we filled up my gas guzzling SUV saving another $3.58.

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