Sunday, February 1, 2009

Walgreens 2/1 Run

Transaction #1
Dayquil 4 @ $5.99 = $23.97
less 4--$1.50 coupons
Pink Luster Hair Relaxing Kit $1.59 (clearance)
Total $19.55
Tax $1.41
Paid Out of Pocket $20.96 (submit Medical Flex $17.97)
Received $10.00 RR Saved $14.70

Transaction #2
Repeat of Transaction #1
Paid Out of Pocket $20.96 (submit Medical Flex $17.97)
Received Another $10.00 RR Saved $14.70

Transaction #3
2 Diet Pepsi, 2 Regular Pepsi @ 3/$11.00
Zest 3 Pack Bar Soap $.70 (clearance)
Total $11.70
Less $10.00 RR from Transaction #1
Total $1.70 + $.64 tax
Paid Out of Pocket $2.35
Received $3.00 RR for Pepsi Saved $16.06

Transaction #4
Bayer Breeze 2 Meter $14.99
Right Guard Pro Strength $5.99
Soft and Beautiful Hair Relaxer $4.99
Motion Daily Hairdress $1.09 (clearance)
Total $27.07
Less Breeze 2 Coupon -$14.99 (donate to Free Clinic)
Right Guard Coupon -$2.00 (torn from lid of box)
Use $10.00 RR from Transaction #2
Total $.07 tax $.66
Paid Out of Pocket $.73 Saved $77.59
Received $5.00 RR for Right Guard and $4.00 for Soft and Beautiful Hair Relaxer

Transaction #5
3 Zest 3-pack Bar Soap @ $.70 (clearance)
Dove Bath Soap $1.29
Almay LipLliner $1.89 (clearance)
Oil of Olay Botanicals Body Wash 6 @ $1.06 (clearance)
Pantene Conditioner for Black Hair 2 @ $1.22 (clearance)
African Hair Grow 2 @ $.50 (clearance)
Motion Daily Hairdress $1.09 (clearance)
Visine Tear-Dry Eyes 2 @ $2.19 (clearance)
Crest Toothpaste with travel pack 6 @ $2.19 (clearance)
Colgate Total Toothpaste with Bonus Toothbrush 6 @ $2.39 (clearance)
Total $46.92
Less Dove Coupons - 6 @ $1.00
Crest Coupons - 6@ $1.50
Colgate Coupons - 6 @ $1.50
Visine Tears - 2 @ $2.00
Almay - $1.00
Dove Coupon - $1.00
Dove Walgreen Coupon $.30
Used $5.00 RR (Transaction #4)
Used $4.00 RR (Transaction #4
Used $3.00 RR (Transaction #3
Total $3.05 plus $2.18 tax (submit Medical Flex for Visine $3.05
Paid Out of Pocket $5.23 Saved $98.25

Total Savings $206.60
Paid after Flex Reimbursement $11.29
Flex Reimbursement $38.99

This morning I was ready to walk about the door to head to Walgreens, Jim (Doc) got a page to the Emergency Room at the hospital by Walgreens. We left together and I dropped him off and I knew I had an hour to do some browsing. The Black Haircare Products were all on clearance and so I decided to stock up for Detamara.

I had planned on doing other deals, but forgot the printed off the internet coupons by the computer in my haste to leave with Doc to do an emergency appendectomy. I saw several other deals, but am waiting to see if the manufacturers issue new coupons. I was bummed that my Pantene coupons expired yesterday and would have gotten the Pantene for Dee for only 22 cents. Oh well, I still had Rapid Rewards to cover it.

I feel like I am finally getting proficient on rolling over my RR deals to save on paying money out of pocket. I also have learned on trick... Always begin with the Transaction that can be reimbursed with Flex Money. Then roll over the all the RR from there.

I apologized to the polite young cashier who reminds me of my adopted boys every time I come in. He knows that I will have several transactions and he informed me that he is used to my deals and is taking lessons. He needs to learn as he is a poor student. He always greets me with a smile and patiently waits on me. Thank you to Daryll at Walgreens for amazing customer service.


Bargain Briana said...

Great job! I love it when I get a good cashier! :)

Hope your hubby is feeling better!

Annystribe said...

Thanks for the kuddos. My post was not clear, my husband is the doctor and he had a very busy day having to take out someones appendix. We try to double team our trips that way I can see him and we get some time together when he travels to one of the outlying hospitals.