Saturday, February 7, 2009

Walgreens 2/7 Plan

Last week I did very well at Walgreens and transferred a prescription for my inhaler and received a $25.00 gift card. I rolled my gift card into $10.00, $5.00, $4.00 RRs and free merchandise. I will transfer one of my husbands prescriptions this week for a coupon for another free $25.00.

I will not be shopping until Thursday 2/12 as was excited to get a Walgreens Friends and Family coupon from my Coupon Friend and Walgreens Employee-Melissa (Thank you!!) saving me an extra 15%.

Transaction #1
Hair Motions Hair Care 3/$10.00 (Detamara uses everyday)
Windex Wipes 2/$5.00
Total $12.00
Less $1.80 (15% friends and family discount)
less 2--$1.50 Windex Coupons
Total $10.20 plus tax
Use $10.00 RR from last week
Pay Out of Pocket $.20 plus tax
Receive $5.00 RR (Hair Motions Hair Care)
Submit Windex Wipes for ESR and Windex Rebate

Transaction #2
Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes 2/$5.00
Fusion Razor 8.99
Progresso Soup 4/$5.00
ThermaCare $2.49
Colgate Wave Toothbrushes 2/$3.00
Colgate Toothpaste 2 @ $.99
Ramen Noodles (as a filler to use RR)
Less $4.01 (15%friends and family discount)
Less $3.00/2 Scrubbing Bubbles coupon
Less $4.00 Fusion coupon
Less 4--$1.10 Progresso coupons
Less $2.00 ThermaCare coupon
Less 2--$.40 coupons Colgate Toothbrushes
Less 2--$.75 coupons Colgate
Total $11.04
Use $10.00 RR from last week
Pay out of Pocket $1.04 plus Tax
Receive $1.00 RR Colgate TB, $6.00 RR Fusion
Submit Scrubbing Bubbles and ThermaCare for ES Rebate

Transaction #3
Ensure $6.99
Bounty 2@ $.89 (WC)
Ramen Noodles $.29 (filler to use RR)
Total $9.06
Less $1.36 (15% friends and family discount)
Less $3.00 Ensure coupon
Less 2--$.25 Bounty coupons
Total $4.20
Use $4.00 RR from last week
Pay Out of Pocket $.20 plus tax
Submit Ensure for mfg rebate $6.99

I still will have my $25.00 gift certificate
$1.00, $5.00, $6.00 RR (this week) and still one $10.00 RR's (last week)
I won't have to spend much for the next couples of weeks

Total Cash out of Pocket $1.44 plus tax for all three transactions.


DESJ and Company said...

where did you get the $2 Thermacare coupon? Is it a printable?

Annystribe said...

No, it was a coupon in the All You Magazine I subscribe to. I believe that there will be a $1.00 coupon in this weeks paper though.

Hopefulone said...