Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pamida Doubles beginning 2/7--Todays Deals

We live in rural Wisconsin and have a small discount store in our little town. Last night I discovered that they were doubling to/including $1.00 for a week beginning today. What I love about Pamida, is that they will MATCH any advertised price and then I can get a double coupon off.

Pamida has many Proctor and Gamble items on sale, and when you spend $40.00 worth of products P&G, a mail in rebate of a $15.00 Visa Gift Card (they advertise $15.00 gas card). Our little county news paper had the P& G insert, and with all the coupons and the 3 P&G books that arrived in my mailbox I had plenty of P and G coupons to have way to much fun and stock up.

I will get 3--$15.00 gift cards. $45.00 I will be mailing them to our house, our rental house, Jim's work. The Total spent to get the cards was $36.10. $120+ worth of P&G products less coupons down to $36.10. I made money on the deal.

I also got free SoBe Waters, free Bounty Papertowels, Luden Cough Drops, Crest, Fisher Sunflower Seeds, Candy. Paid $.50 for Poptarts, Special K Bars, Kraft Dressings each; Paid $.25/3 for Rice-A-Roni I bought 27 for a total of $2.25. Softsoap hand soaps ($.30) and Head and Shoulders were $1.00 each when price matching Dollar General.

We stocked up on Tide Laundry Soap ($4.49), Fabric Softener ($1.99), Multi Surface Pledge Wipes ($1.00) and will be submitting that receipt for the $50.00 P and G get a Coupon Book with $120.00 coupons.

My friend Melissa and I met up and with both of us looking to see what matched up it didn't take as long as last time. Pamida seems to be doubling once a month, and when they double, I really get some amazing deals as I can match any other stores sale price and get double coupons off.
I often match Walgreens and Dollar Generals Ads on Pamida's Double Coupon week.

Becca practiced her math helping me figure the deals and my husband stopped in to check to see we were doing and started finding his own bargains. Pringles... $.30/3 doubled. He can't have a sandwich without his potato chips.

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