Monday, February 2, 2009

"Deal"ectible Mommies--Monday's Favorite

Each Monday I will be sharing my favorite sites:
This week's feature...

"Deal"ectible Mommies is one of my favorite sites to find Quality Children's Deals and Reviews along with other family friendly finds. Candace knows quality and she shares the deals she finds while parenting two very precious little girls.

Through her website I have found some very amazing deals for my favorite little lady Kasja. I have found Pediapeds and Crocs for very frugal prices to name a few. (What is it with the Yurceks and shoes?) I have passed on a few of my favorite finds to her and she has similar styles, values and appreciate her reaching out to help others.

Her latest reviews have been two worth sharing...

One about Bumkins a diaper product and well worth checking out. "Deal"ectible Mommies site is offering a Giveaway of A Bumkin Diaper Cover which I will be entering to see if I can win one for my Granddaughter.

Bumkin Review and Giveaway

Boost Kid Essential by Nestle-Review

Yesterday I noticed that I had a $2.00 Boost Kid Essential Coupons sitting in my coupon file and with a new Target Kid Essential Coupon out yesterday, I discovered a Kid Tested Review. I had a lot of questions and hadn't had time to go check it out for myself, when Candace answered my question for me... Is it Gluten-Free? Gluten-free and Lactose Free. I am always trying to find ways to get calories and vitamins into Becca and this product has added probiotics. It will solve many of my Feeding Becca Dilemmas. Nutrients, Probiotics, Gluten and Lactose Free and if she drinks one I won't have the fight to get her to swallow her probiotic pill.

Boost Kid Essentials I signed up and got a FREE Coupon Mailed to me.

Thank you Candace for the reviews and the deals, and the amazing post about Tiny Titan. Head on over to "Deal"ectible Mommies and check it out. Don't forget to enter the Bumkins Giveaway.

** Added note for those Coupon Loving Moms-- You can double stack a Manufacturers Kid Essentials $2.00 off coupon with a Target $2.00 Kid Essential Coupon and try it yourself at a frugal price.
The review was amazingly timely, today in my mailbox was a coupon for a Free Boost Kid Essentials Pack (Up to $14.99 off) and it is now added to my shopping list to try.

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