Monday, February 23, 2009

Double Heaven

We all had way too much fun and saved money in the process!

Just look what $75.00 will buy when you use coupons. I have enough deodorant for a year, three months of trash bags, l month of Bailey's Moist and Meaty Dog food, enough cat food and cat litter for 6 month, 3 months of fabric softener, enough body wash for a year, enough windex for a year or more, Valentines for four families for next year, enough Fruity Pebbles for glutenfree krispie treats for a year and much more.

When I moved to rural Wisconsin, I thought I was moving away from my doubling days, with Kmart and Pamida Doubling I will never have to pay sale price again. We have now added $100.00 to the budget for household goods etc. for the monthly doubles with stocking our house, the boys places, helping my friends and the food shelves.

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Ian's mom said...

that is amazing! I thought I was doing good $105 worth of groceries for $30.....but you put me to shame!!!