Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Saving Money on Bridesmaid Dresses and The Mother of the Bride Dress

On September 19th our daughter Marissa is getting married in Sunny Orange County, California to an amazing man Jordan. Marissa is a professional organizer and actress and frugal. She has been busy planning her wedding with all the attention to detail, and carefully saving money on everything.

When Kristy got married a couple of years ago, she found very classic quality bridesmaid dresses for amazing prices at J Crew. It is now family tradition, when Marissa found her bridesmaid dresses at
J Crew the clearance pages right before Christmas.

The Dresses were on sale and Kristy had found an extra 30% off coupon code and with free shipping for any order over $150.00. The Dresses were originally $169.99 and I got both Becca and Detamara's Bridesmaid Dresses for $80.50 each. The Sophia Silk Chiffon Dresses in Expresso are now back to the original prices of $169.99. They trade out the colors based on the season.

Now it was my turn to find a dress for myself, and when I found that
J Crew had just added more Dresses to the clearance rack, a phone call to Marissa to help me pick one out for myself.

My Dress for Marissa's wedding
The Rebecca (How appropriate) Short Dress in Expresso $250.00 for a frugal $69.99 plus shipping of $10.50. I went in through Ebates and will get back 2%.

Regular Price for 4 Bridesmaid Dresses and Mother of the Bride Dresses $929.96
Total Paid for 4 Bridesmaid Dresses and Mother of the Bride Dresses $391.99

Marissa helped 4 Bridesmaids save $357.96
Mother of the Bride Dress savings $180.01
Total Savings $537.97-- 58% off retail

Wedding and Prom season is approaching, I decided to share out favorite place to buy special occasion dresses at bargain prices.

In today's email from J Crew they have added more special occasion dresses to the racks and they are offering some very incredible savings on dresses for bridesmaids or just in time for prom season.

Marissa's next task, find flower girl dresses.

Check out the family wedding photo on my sidebar to see Kristy's
J Crew Bridesmaid Dresses on Marissa, Detamara and Becca.


Stacey said...

For flowergirl dresses you can look at 1st communion or Easter dresses to save some money.

Kristy said...

I mentioned this to Mari, but we found our flower girl dresses on eBay for like $35 each -- they have tons to chose from. Much better than going to any store front retailer.