Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Space Buddies- On Line Coupon and Rebate

Becca has been anxiously awaiting buying Space Buddies. She has done her homework and found the best price. She will watch it over and over again.

Target and Best Buy have it for $14.99
SAVE even more by using this
Online Coupon for $3.00 off.

At Target you get the Space Buddies DVD for $14.99 with the free Space Buddies music CD sampler. Purchase Space Buddies and & Oliver and Company and receive a $5.00 Target gift card.

Best Buy has Space Buddies DVD and Oliver and Company for $30.00 and get a FREE Space Buddies Stuffed Animal.

Make sure to sign up for the Disney Movie Rewards Club where you earn points for the DVD's you purchase. Redeem the points for Disney movies, posters, CDs or even FREE tickets.

With more research I found the Rebate for Space Buddies or Oliver and Company. Buy BLUE dog or cat food at Petco and Space Buddies or Oliver and Company and get a mail in rebate for $5.00

When Disney has new DVD's out we often buy it the week it comes out to take advantage of the promo release prices and the rebate deals.

This Disney Movie Deal is just in time for Valentines Day for Becca and Company (Milo, Morgan, Pumpkin her furry family).


Ian's mom said...

I can't get it to print - just keeps going through the install/update cycle. Did you print in firefox or IE? thanks!

Annystribe said...

I printed it in firefox and just tried again, it printed fine. By the way I am also an Ian's mom.

Ian's mom said...

Thanks - got it to print with firefox. And I love meeting other Ian's moms!
We have other things in common as well! I am a serious coupon/frugal person (my mom prefers to call it cheap - but in a good way, she's from Scotland and embraces her penny pinching!), my husband made a career change to become a dr and I'm a writer (unpublished other than an article here or there). So with all that said - it's very nice to meet you out here in cyberland!