Thursday, February 19, 2009

High School Musical 3

My girls have been anxiously awaiting the release of High School Musical 3. They waited since its release in the movie theater to see it because they know that if they wait, we will buy it for less than the cost of the movie. Becca researched and found that it was $15.99 at both Target and Best Buy.

We price matched Targets Ad at Walmart $15.99
Coupon for $5.00 off
Paying $10.99 for High School Musical 3
Rebate for $5.00
Paid after Rebate $5.99

My girls are right, it saves money to wait, and they can watch it over and over again.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this idea! I have never really thought much about hte Disney Movie Rewards inserts in our dvds but yesterday we rounded up all of our movies and entered points. We've got a fair amount now and my oldest daugther was quite pleased (and so was I) :-)

Thanks! Best Wishes, Kara