Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yesterdays Bargains

I had grand plans to stay home and get my house in order when my coupon friend Melissa had a day off from Walgreens and wanted to run out and snag a few bargains. Well I had stayed home all week until Friday because of TAX day and lack of funds. My state refund arrived and I couldn't resist the temptation.

Target deals:

Crystal Light Drink Mix 3 @ $2.96
Use 1--Buy 2 Get 1 Free Mfg. Coupon
Use 3--$1.00 Target Coupons
Pay $2.92 for 3

Miracle Whip 2 @ $1.99
Use $1.00/2 Mfg. Coupon
Use $1.00/2 Target Coupon
Pay $1.98/2 (which is $.99 each)

Kraft Mac and Cheese Singles 2 @ $.77
Use 1--Buy One Get One Free Mfg. Coupon (internet printable)
Use $1.00/2 Target Coupon
Get 2 for FREE

Target Baby Bath Wash $1.14
Use Target Any Bath Wash Coupon $.75
Pay $.39

Oscar Mayer Deli Lunch Meat 2 @ $2.98
Use Mfg. Coupon 2--$.55
Use Target Coupon $1.00/2
Pay $3.86/2 (which is $1.93 each)

Quaker Fiber and Omega 3 Bars $2.94
Use Mfg. Coupon 1--$1.00
Use Target Any Quaker Coupon $1.00
Pay $.94

Juicy Juice Brain Development $3.58
use Mfg. Coupon $1.00
Pay $2.58

I bought 4 Quaker Bars, 4 Baby Body Wash, 4 Oscar Mayer Chicken Lunch Meat, 2 Kraft Mac Cheese, 3 Crystal Light, 4 Miracle Whip, 4 Juicy Juice Brain Development for $26.00. Saving nearly $70.00.

I went into Walgreens and picked up more Non-Prescription Products this time scoring Aleve and 2 more Advil Children's Motrin for Kasja who has outgrown her baby infant drops paying $.79 after the $1.00 off coupon for each botte.

I found Two more Blood Glucose Meters for donation to the Free Clinic that Doc supports and scored 2--$5.00 Rapid Rewards for my shopping. A win--win for both of us.

Everywhere was out of the Nivea Body Wash but the good news it is on sale for the month with the Rapid Reward.

I managed to get 4 pairs of Women's spring weight sleep pants for $1.74 each, with using a $5.00 RR paid $1.96 plus tax for all four pairs. Detamara is shocked that clothes now come even from Walgreens for nearly free. She then informed me "Do they have underwear? I need some!"



Stacey said...

Dee is too funny. Looks like you got some great deals yesterday. Hope you're having a wonderful Birthday!

Kristy said...

I think they do have panties at Walgreens -- however, you might want to inform her that they are mega "grandma pants."

Annystribe said...

Stacey thank you for the Birthday Wishes. Kristy I will let Dee know that she may not want underwear from Walgreens for just that reason.
Thank you for making me laugh.

Together We Save said...

Great job. I love picking up something for free, making money on it, and knowing I can donate it. Everybody wins.