Monday, April 20, 2009

Tonight's Kmart-Mini Trip

The girls and I had just returned from our Kmart Lifeskills math lesson for the day when I was shocked to discover the 30 cereal coupons ordered from Ebay on Friday. That was incredibly fast!

Tonight we had to return our Saturday's Redbox Movies. It bothered me that my fall cost me extra money not being able to get them back on time, but we watched the third movie tonight before returning them. Fireproof even caught the attention of the Doc who doesn't usually like these kind of movies. Oh well, my not being able to walk for the evening excused the $3 second day rental fee.

Doc dropped me off at Kmart while , rushing to beat the 9:00 deadline with 15 minute to go to return them to Walmart. I hobbled in and grabbed 4 boxes of cereal and while I waited took advantage of finding a few more items matching it to my binder.

Kmart Trip #2 (for the day)

Transaction #1
Rice Krispies 4/$10.00 used 4--$1.00 coupons doubled = $2.00/4
and got my rebate receipt for a $5.00 Kmart Gift Card
Marcal 1--4-pk. Toilet Paper $2.79 used $1.00 coupon doubled = $.79
Marcal 2-- 2 Big Roll Paper Towels @ $2.79 each used 2--$1.00 coupon doubled = $1.58/2
Oust 4 @ $3.89 each used 4--$2.00 coupons = FREE/4
Temptations Indoor Cat Treats 4 @ $1.89 used 4--$1.00 coupons doubled = FREE/4
Ziploc Storage Containers 2 @ $2.49 used 2--$1.00 peelies doubled = $.98/2
Better Than Ears Dog Treats 4 @ $2.67 used 4--$1.00 peelies doubled = $2.68/4
Used $5/$50 coupon
Paid $4.53 out of Pocket including tax
Submit Receipt and Kelloggs UPC's for $5 gift card
$.47 profit
Savings $62.85 for 21 items.

Transaction #2
I discovered the Kelloggs cereal Detamara has been eyeing on clearance. High School Musical Kelloggs Cereal has been $1.49 on clearance (originally $3.49 and never on sale). Tonight I was shocked to find that it was now on last ditch clearance for a QUARTER a box.

I picked up 6 @ $.25 = $1.50 for SIX Boxes of High School Musical Cereal. ( could have used my Kelloggs $1.00 and gotten them for FREE but decided to pass and just pay the $1.50 and use them on the $2.50 boxes).

Savings on this transaction $20.94 cents

I separated the transactions just in case the High School Musical Cereal would work on the Kelloggs cereal rebate, but I didn't expect that it would :(

Tonight after rebate Total $1.03 Total Savings $83.79

Not too bad of savings for a 10 minute Kmart Shopping Run

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