Saturday, April 25, 2009

Target 4-25 Run and Clearance Deals

We stopped by Target for a quick run in and out for Viva Paper Towels (they are gluten free) I picked up 2 @ $13.00 for the 10 Big Roll Bonus Pack--used $1.00 + $.40 mfg. coupons and got my $5.00 gift card.

I stocked up on Huggies Wipes 6 @ $1.99 less $.75 coupons and Huggies Lavender Body Wash and Lavender Wash Clothes 4 @$2.50 less $1.00 coupons. (Becca takes Lavender baths before bedtime to help her sleep.)

Nexcare Tatoo Bandaids--High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Cars $1.89 used $.55 mfg. coupon paying $1.34 a box
(These are 3M products, Kristy and Chris work for 3M and Becca say I have to buy 3M products so they have jobs).

My Clearance Finds
Everything in the picture for $7.75 after coupons

Walking through the end caps we picked up a set of Wooden Dollhouse Kitchen furniture half price for $7.48 which we used the $5 gift card on paying $2.48 for the $14.99 set.

Then we discovered a couple of noteworthy clearance items
Stride Gum $.71 each buy 3 @ $.71 = $2.13 use $2.00/3 mfg. coupon pay $.13/3. I bought 9 for Out of pocket cost of $.39/9
We go through a lot of gum--it helps Detamara and Becca concentrate and hold still.

Small Boxes of Fruit Rollups (4 pack) 3@ $.68 $2.04 use $1.00/3 mfg. coupon pay $1.04/3

Clearasil Stayclear Oil-Free Gel Wash (6.78 ounce) reg. $3.49 on clearance for 4 @ $2.96
Used 4--$2.00 off any clearasil product
Paid $.96 each and $3.84 for 4

Women's leather belts were 75% off, both Becca and Detamara desperately needed these paying $3.74 each.

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