Friday, April 3, 2009

More Leapfrog--4/5 Target Leapfrog TAG Reader $29.00, Leapster $24.00 after coupon.

Target next week 4/5 has Leapfrogs Leapster Handheld Game for $34.00 and the TAG Reader for $39.00.
Use the $10.00 off coupons printed from the Leapfrog site and get either system for less than I have ever seen.

Leapster $34.00 less $10.00 coupon = $24.00
TAG Reader $39.00 less $10.00 coupon = $29.00

If you are buying the Leapster, the games are on sale at Target this week through Saturday.
Jedi Masters and WallE are $15.00 use a $5.00 coupon from the leapfrog site and get them for $10.00 each, all other Leapster Games are on sale for $18.99 less the $5.00 coupon for $13.99.


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