Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Birthday

This morning I woke up and told myself that I was not going to mention to anyone that today is my birthday. I was not sure I wan't to face another year older and didn't want to be any wiser.
God as had big plans for me much bigger than I ever thought myself capable of.

I was going to ignore my birthday but also testing to see if any of this tribe of mine would remember their mother. Becca popped up out of bed running to the family room where I was busy writing my Target deals when she threw her arms around my neck and yelled in my ear "Happy Birthday Mom" and planting a kiss on my check telling me she Loves Me. That was the best birthday present in the whole world.
Gift #1

I told Becca my plan that I was not going to remind anyone that today was my birthday and then Doc pipes up from the next room, he remembered. He and I had been up for 2 hours and he had not said anything? I asked Becca if I was cooking today? She said she would but of course she needs help her hands don't work well, and then told her father "HE WAS HELPING, because he FORGOT".
Gift #2 I don't have to COOK!

My phone began ringing with a combination of parents who I mentor and support Wishing Me Happy Birthday and then we problem solve or listen while they vent all while trying to help their children with complex needs.
Gift #3 I have great friends who are parents who were together parent of extraordinary children with complex challenges.

The phone rang again, this time Kristy wishing me Happy Birthday. We talked about how tough and rewarding the job of being a MOM is and I thanked her for being the amazing person she is and my 30 years of parenting had raised an amazing capable thoughtful daughter.
Gift #4 Validation

My doorbell rang and my dog tribe went nuts when the Orkin Man came and we spent the next hour talking and problem solving this troubles with his adopted daughter. No sooner than he left the phone rang again... This time Marissa was on the phone wishing me a Happy Birthday.
I told her my plan that I wasn't going to tip anyone off about my birthday and I was just going to see if anyone remembered. She told me the "Yurcek Birthday Warning System" will not let that happen. They call each other to remind everyone that it is someones birthday so no one would be forgotten.
Gift #5 Thoughtful children who care about each other.

For some adopted children from the system, they for awhile have to follow the footsteps traveled by their biological parents. A couple of my adopted children strayed from the values we taught them, we tried to protect them from the gutters, but the gutters beaconed them and they had to walk their walk. In the past couple of weeks the last two have turned to family for support and love and told me they love me.
Gift #6 All my children are doing as well as they can and know that this family is in their heart.

I was looking at my blog and found birthday wishes from my daughter-in-law Stacey. We share our love of bargain hunting and she is completely amazing with being Becca's best friend and sharing her sisters with Becca to easing Becca's lonliness. Shortly thereafter Marissa's soon to be husband called wishing me a Happy Birthday and I wished him one back as his and his Mom's birthday were yesterday. Jordan and I talked writing, he is a writer etc. in the film industry and had done a internship writing for NCIS. We talked today that it was time to find a literary manager and take Tiny Titan mainstream. I told him that this is a HUGE step and I am "just a Mom".
Gift #7 amazing individuals who have come into our family.

My phone has been ringing off the hook, friends have been calling and singing Happy Birthday.
My email box full of free coupons such as a Hamburger from Red Robin, and even 25 exra
Movie Points from Disney Movie Rewards. I was able to advocate for one of my adult special needs children to get more help. Prayers were answered. I had planned on spending my Birthday Cleaning my house but today I spend my day on the phone, the phone keeps ringing, one call clicked over to another.
Gift #8 I have free meals coming up, a few more nights of no cooking and we now have enough movie points to get a free movie as a family.

I finally at 3:00 had time to take my meds. I hadn't even had a chance for a shower, my allergy and asthma medication, my iron, my arthritis medication. But I didn't seem to need it until now.
Gift #9 I have my health, I have chronic health issues, but they are manageable.

As I look back on my day of writing this ongoing post, I had asked myself, "What are birthdays for?" They are a reminder of how old we are, or for me today... a day of reflection over the last 51 years, a day to look at my blessings, my accomplishments, and to Thank God for another year full of gifts and challenges. I thank God for the challenges, as it is out those challenges that I can say... I survived, I grew, I learned to live one day at a time, and I can say at 51 I like who I have become.

I am truly blessed, Today I am 51. I have the most incredible husband and family, the most incredible job in the world, the most amazing friends, and am so humbled by the gifts that God has given me.


Heidi @ Frugal Girls! said...

Happy Birthday ~ I hope you have a very blessed year to come!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I love reading your blog and am truly amazed by you and your kids...What a loving family and how awesome are Becca's posts? I got my daughter DVDs for her Easter basket due to the deals posted...and might I add she LOVED it!

Nate said...

Matt even called to wish you a happy birthday! As I said earlier, happy birthday and we love you.