Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kmart Ad Preview--Is Your Store Doubling? Possible Kelloggs Cereal Moneymaker with Double Coupons

Next weeks Kmart Ad is now posted. (Go to the weekly ad listing)
Head on over to and find your stores ad for the week of 4-19 and see if you are blessed with double coupons.

Our Kmart is doubling here in Platteville, no need to head to the city into Iowa for double deals.

What I have found so far for FREE, Sense and Spray Refills (cpn found in box), Vaseline Lotions ($1.25 mfg. cpn).
It may be a good time to stock up on cleaning supplies, Pay 50 cent for Natures Source and $1 Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner.

Kelloggs products if you have coupons will be a Great find, cereal and Pop Tarts are 4/$10 . Buy Four and Get a $5 gift card.

Buy 4 Kelloggs Cereal 4/$10
Use 4--$1 mfg. coupons (doubled)
Pay $2/4 boxes
Get $5 Kmart Gift Card
A $3 moneymaker.

or buy 4 Pop Tarts 4/$10
Use 2--$1.00/2 mfg. coupons (doubled)
Pay $6/4
Use $5 gift card from transaction #1
Pay $1.00/4
Making Pop tarts $.25 a box after coupons and gift card

I will do this deal along with the cereal deal. I will do each as its own transaction to make sure that I get the $5 gift cards. I just became aware that the $5 gift card will be mailed (Oh well, I wanted to use them on my doubles but will just have to send Gift Cards to each of my kids once again to help them stretch their budgets).

**I just ordered 30 Kelloggs $1.00 coupons on line. I will be heading to Kmart a couple of times for Free Cereal to stock the food shelves.


Chris, Heidi & Eden said...

What site did you order the kelloggs coupons from? I can't find any! THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR WORK!

Annystribe said...

I found them on ebay for $4.85 for l5 $1.00 coupons with free shipping using a buy them now option. This is the first time I have bought coupons this way, but my fellow couponeer has regularly done it. I did a search and Kelloggs coupons on ebay are going fast.

chulazza said...
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chulazza said...

On my area Chicago North 5 stores are I visited 2 of them to find they are changing prices oh my like a lot in almost everything The most cheapest and good deals I found are The VASELINE LOTIONS also I found 1 bottle of SNUGGLE marked for $2.60 and the rest marked at $4.25 I want to use my SNUGGLE CREME $2.00 (they work fine on any snuggle item)I'd call manager to complaint about it they offer me the lowest price on the 4 bottles I get also use the $1.00 COLGATE from they have the MAX FRESH @2.50 only paid 0.50 per each.Quaker rice snacks (only chesse flavor available)$1.99 with $1.00 coupon=FREE yeah I could say find some good deals but not a lot like I expected anyway for being my first experience at KMART DOUBLE COUPON EVENT I paid $11.00 TOTAL for a receipt before coupons would be $78.00