Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Will Be AWOL--Lancaster Community Wide Garage Sales

Excuse my absence, but Becca and I will be AWOL for Today and Tomorrow as our small county seat community of 4,000 is having their Citywide Garage Sales. Getting Becca inside after her long winter of being quaranteed is virtually impossible. But with the upcoming Swine Flu Scare, for us it will mean Becca will be back quaranteed in the house for several weeks. Wisconsin has its first cases and we will take advantage of being out in the in-out Sunshine digging for bargains.

My score this morning....unbelievable.... A Thomas the Tank Train Table, 15 Engines, Track and 6 Buildings...for $50.00.

Becca is beaconing, we had just stopped home to change into cooler clothes, letting the puppies out and she is READY to move again. The sales are supposed to open tomorrow at Noon, but with the sun out they are popping up all over town. 100+ sales. Becca is ready to go AGAIN.


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Sarah@VintageChic said...

You are blessed to have such a great garage sale partner! I wish I had a willing partner to help search for bargains. I usually drag my husband along so he can help wrangle our 2 year old. :)