Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Morgan

Happy First Birthday Morgan

Today we celebrated another birthday at our house. There is always a birthday coming up at our house with this big family. This birthday is for Becca's little tiny service dog Morgan. Becca treated Morgan like the Princess she has become. The little "4 plus pound Morkie" ruled all day. She has the Tiny Titan complex, she rules, just like her master.

My kids favorite childhood book "Go Dog Go" by PD Eastman and in the book the favorite part was the "Dog Party" Big Dogs and Little Dogs. Well today we had a Dog Party. Bailey, Milo, Holly (Detamara's Old rescued Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever) Mom, Detamara, Becca and Dad. The Cats were even invited.

I refuse to buy dog treats except when I get them for under $1 a pack and Morgan will be spoiled by her birthday present from Kmart for 2 bags of Mini Beggin Strips for $.99 each after the $1.00 coupon is doubled. Becca fed her a hot dog for her birthday dinner and Morgan definitely knew that today was her day.

To Morgan, Happy Birthday and Thank you for opening the door to Becca to be social in public talking to complete strangers about her dog and helping her with her anxiety at therapy when you exercise in the hospital therapy tub with Becca.

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Kristy said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Morgan!