Sunday, April 5, 2009

Becca's Best Deal Movie Pick: Bedtime Stories and Tigger and Pooh and a Musical Too Double Deal

Its time for Becca's Best Deal Movie Pick of the Week and her movie deal post...

Meet Becca our Movie and Deal Critic

Enter Becca's Giveaway: Win Bedtime Stories and Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too DVDs.

Check out The Bedtime Stories Movie Trailer.

Bedtime Stories On-line Games.

Get Bedtime Stories for $1.99 @ Target

When you buy both Disney Bedtime Stories plus Tigger and Pooh and a Musical Too for $17.99 get a $10.00 Target Gift Card.
Becca will begin her Movie Deal this week using her $5.00 Gift Card from buying her own Pepsi Products last week.

Bedtime Stories and Tigger and Pooh and a Musical Too $16.99 + $17.99 = $34.98
Use $5.00 coupon from Disney
Look for $6.00 peelies on Tigger and Pooh (Kmart had peelies)

Pay $23.99 Out of Pocket
Get $10.00 Target Gift Card
Submit Tigger and Pooh for $5.00 Disney/Rayovac Rebate (buy Two batteries)
Submit Bedtime Stories for $5.00 Ortega/Bedtime Stories Rebate
(Use the $1.00/2 Ortega Coupon from May All You Magazine for the Ortega Products to send in for the Rebate).
Total Cost for Both Movies after Gift Card and Rebate $3.99

If you have missed buying all the latest Disney Movies now is the time to pick them up at Target.

Rayovac is one Rebate per household and you will have to choose which Disney DVD you want to submit, but we also send rebates to our adult children living on their own.
There was a $1.00 Rayovac coupon I believe on 3/22 to use towards the requirements for the Rebate.

Bolt, Beverly Hills Chihuahuas, Pinocchio, WallE, High School Musical 3, Space Buddies
for $13.99
Submit any Disney Title for $5.00 Disney/Rayovac Rebate
Pay $8.99

*Bolt Rebates (3 Different Rebates)

High School Musical 3 $13.99
Submit for HS3/Hillshire Farms Rebate
Submit for Rayovac Rebate $5.00
Pay $3.99 for High School Musical 3

Space Buddies $13.99 use $3.00 coupon
Submit for $5.00 Rayovac Rebate

Pinocchio $13.00 (Choose 2)
Submit for $4.00 Sunmaid Raisins Rebate
Submit for $4.00 Hefty Rebate
Submit for $5.00 Rayovac Rebate

Don't forget to enter your codes at Disney Movie Rewards or sign up to save up your Disney points for Disney items.

Check out Beccas latest post for Dreamworks Madagascar 2 for $1.99 after Rebate at Target


Marcie said...

Thanks for linking up to my Weekly Deals Found Around the Blogosphere!


Tracy said...

Great deal!!

Mommy Managing said...

How are you able to submit for so many different rebates? I would love to do this!

Lisa said...

Don't forgot that you have to BUY other products to get the the batteries & oretago products, so you don't really get it for as cheap as you state.

KT said...

Also, the Rayovac rebate is listed with each DVD here, but the limit is ONE per household, so you can't really save that much on each DVD if you want to buy all of them listed.

goddesskms said...

Why/how do you get the target $10 gift card for this deal?????

Middletonfamily said...

Where is the little peelie thing it wasn't on my video

Renee Richins said...

I'm planning on doing the Bolt one and didn't realize there was more than one rebate available. Thank you! I was looking at the Tigger and Bedtime Stories deal, but it looks like you need a receipt for both the Rayovac rebate and the Ortega rebate. Could Target print two store receipts out do you know?

Renee Richins said...

Ooops, never mind I see that the Rayovac rebate accepts copies of the receipt. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

No peelie for me either.

Sandi said...

I can't understand how I can submit more than one rebate for the same DVD. Each one requires that I send in the proof of purchase tab from the movie. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks!

Annystribe said...

There are two proof of purchase tabs on some of the Disney movies, a few others have up to four. Just make sure you get duplicate copies of the receipt, but most of these will take a photocopy.

Annystribe said...

I just found a new printable coupon for both Bedtime stories and Tigger & Pooh for $6.00. No more need to look for the peelie :)
It is updated on the deal post and on my latest blog post.

coupongeek said...

When I try to print the $6 Tigger coupon, it's says "Sorry you have already printed it the number of allowed times" or something like that.

Is anyone else getting that? I didn't even print it yet.


Heather said...

Great find! Can't wait to try it out! This is VERY helpful since my son's bday is next week. Thanks a bunch!

Annystribe said...

The $6.00 coupon for both movies is dead, it is not forwardable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

At least we have one coupon and if you are lucky enough to find a $6.00 peelie somewhere.

trash2cash4u said...

Here's a question that I haven't seen addressed. Do you know if the DVD and Ortega and Rayovac products have to be purchased from the same store? I would love to price shop as the batteries are really expensive at my Target. I know Walgreen's has an additional $3 off the DVD, but I'm sure that theirs is higher priced to begin with. Any advice would be welcome! Oh, and I didn't see a list of "participating products" on the Ortega form or website. Do you think that the taco seasonings would count? I purchased 2 for 89 cents each at Kroger today just in case! Thanks in advance!

Annystribe said...

You can buy the products for Rayovac and Ortega on another tranaction, anywhere. Just have to include both receipts and the proofs and UPCs.

trash2cash4u said...

Thanks for answering my question!! I am going to give it a shot using the 2 Ortega seasoning packets and 2 4-packs of heavy duty batteries that were each under $1 at Wal-mart, then buy the DVD at Target using the $5 coupon. I will probably wait to open the DVD until I have rebate check in hand so I can return it unopened if it doesn't pan out and Target allows it. BTW, at my Walgreen's they were running the DVD for 22.99, so not a good deal even with their additional $3 off coupon!

Annystribe said...

I just got my May All You Magazine and found a $1.00/2 Ortega Coupon to use for the Ortega products for the Rebate :) It arrived just in time!