Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday--Nate was home

Shopping from my Stockpile
(Checking out my New Camera from Christmas)
Thanks, Jim it takes amazing pictures.

Nathan and Stacey were home for Easter. Nate my Legomaniac of course got Legos from the Easter Bunny.

Goodbyes Are Hard

This weekend Nate and Becca built Legos, Stacey dyed and styled her hair, we all just "hung out". It was amazing being together. For Becca it is so much more.

Becca love to be with her siblings. When they leave she is so sad, it hurts all our hearts. She cries for hours. This Mom is tearing up writing this, she just wants to belong, and her siblings Kristy, Nathan, Marissa, Ian, Matt, Deangelo (and in-laws) treat her so well, for who she is, and for a few brief moments she has someone to be with.

Thank you Stacey for being an amazing sister-in-law and sharing your sisters with Becca. You give her so much love, time and I thank God for cellphones to ease the loneliness.


Stacey said...

We felt a little guilty "shopping" but even with the trunk full it barely touched the stockpile. It was very impressive.

I wish you could see Becca's waves better in the picture. Her hair was super wavy and it was so easy to style. And then she plotted hiding in the car so we'd have to take her home with us.

Annystribe said...

Don't feel guilty, the stockpile is not just for us, but to share. I took good lessons in Kindegarten. I have the time to shop and double coupon, freebie finding and paying little to nothing for family and friends.

It is my gift to you.