Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kmart-- Kelloggs Cereal Math Lesson

This week Becca, Detamara and I have been busy stocking up on Kelloggs Cereal at Kmart. I had ordered 30 extra coupons Kelloggs coupons the Thursday before Kmart Doubles from ebay for $9.95 and they arrived just in time on Monday.

This is Becca and Detamara's Hands on Life Skills Math Lesson for the week... Can you do the Math?

1. It is Kmart Double Coupon Day and we have $1.00 off Kelloggs Cereal coupons.
How much does each coupon take off?

2. Kmart had cereal on sale 4 boxes for $10.00. Mom gave each girl four $1.00 off coupons and four boxes of cereal.
How Much money did each girl need to pay for their purchase?

3. We ran through the register 8 times in all and bought 4 boxes each time.
How many boxes of cereal did we buy?

4. Kmart had cereal on sale for 4 boxes for $10 and we ran through the register 8 times.
How much would all of the cereal cost without coupons?

5. Mom had 32--$1.00 off coupons and they were doubled
How much did Mom save using coupons?

6. The cereal was $2.50 each and we used a $1.00 coupon which doubled.
How much was the final cost of each box of cereal?

7. Each box of cereal is $.50 after coupon and Mom bought 32.
How much did Mom pay for all 32 boxes of Kelloggs?

8. Becca looked on the boxes and discovered that we can get 2 Free DVD's from buying Corn Flakes, 2 Free Addidas Tshirts from buying Smacks and Corn Pops and 2 Free Disney Disposable Cameras from buying Rice Krispies.
How many items did we get for Free using the tokens and offers on the boxes?

9. Mom will submit for $5.00 Kmart Gift Card for buying 4 Kelloggs Cereal with each of the receipts.
How many Gift Cards will be sent to our house and our siblings houses?

10. Mom will send in the 8 receipts and to get the $5.00 Kmart Gift Cards.
How many dollars in Kmart Gift Cards will we all get for spending $16.00 for 32 boxes of cereal?

Extra Credit:
What should we do some of the extra cereal?
Donate it to the food shelves.

(No, Becca you do not get one of the $5.00 Gift Cards for getting a perfect test score!)

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