Friday, April 17, 2009

Walmart Run-3/17

A Full Cup issued a challenge to see how far you can stretch $50 and I thought now that my taxes are done, I could splurge and have some fun. I had not spent any money for 5 days, not even a dime. That is a new record for me. With my $50 in cash in hand, newly redated coupon binders, I headed off to Walmart.

Doc and I were on our way to Walmart with coupons in hand and got paged to take out an appendix. I was stuck at Walmart for two hours with Becca and had time match my coupon binders to the shelves of Walmart.

Can you believe I found all this for just pennies under $30.00 without using double coupons?
Just regular coupons and Walmarts prices.

Becca was excited to find that the new Honey-Nut Chex is Gluten-free. I had five $.75 coupons which expire tomorrow, which is $9.00 of my spending.

Ad the 12 Starkist Tuna @ $.93 each, I had 4--buy 2 Get One Free coupons took another $8.37. (I need to restock as someone in my house has been hoarding empty tuna packages in their bedroom). 12 Free Kotex using the $1.00 off any Kotex coupons, expiring 4/18, 1 Free DelMonte Fruit, 3 Free Dentek Floss, 2 Free No Nonsense Pantihose for Detamara, along with 3--$.08 Kraft Salad Dressing. 8 Dole Pineapple, 4 Dole Mandarin Oranges, 2 Ketchup, 2 Mustard, 2 Barilla Pasta, 4 Activa Yogurt, 2 Dan Active Drinkables, V8 Fusion, 3 Reeses, Mr. Bubbles, 2 Tropicana Juices.

I almost forgot the bag of Lays Potato Chips, Becca's string cheese and sodas we opened while waiting for Doc to take out the appendix which blew my frugality.

I still have another $20 left to spend on the challenge tonight at Target.

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