Monday, May 25, 2009

Whole Foods--A Gluten-free Snack Adventure

Becca and Kasja who loves driving.

Whole Foods huge selection of Wow Baking Company.

We bought the Snickerdoodles, Oregon Oatmeal, and Brownies, they are amazing.

We indulged on not so frugal amazing Cupcakes.

Kristy and Kasja

Life is too short and so is vacation to not indulge. At $8.99 for four cupcakes, good thing I save money on everything else but our Gluten-free Goodies. For us, this is a treat! Whole Foods is not close to our home, the nearest store is almost 90 miles away in Madison. The Austin Whole Foods is an adventure and our new favorite place to stop for to pick up a few Gluten-Free groceries and a snack when we visit.

The Wow Baking Company has on line sales and will soon be selling the prebaked cookie packages. They also have cookie dough tubs. All their products are Certified Gluten-Free. My mission when I get back... Get our Platteville Driftless Market to become a retail outlet or I will order on-line.

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