Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heading to Texas--Airfare Blessings and the Dog Flys Free

Kristy, Chris and Kasja

This oldest daughter of mine has been a "me do it myself" kid from the time she was only 7 months old. She has been self sufficient and way ahead of the learning curve, keeping me wondering how to parent this kid who is much smarter than I would ever be. Now that she is a MOM herself, I enjoy the strengthening of our relationship, this Mother/Daughter now a parent give and take of wisdom is an incredible blessing. We talk almost everyday, sometimes twice a day when something is not quite right, or the excitement of the first's of my granddaughter Kasja. Living a thousand miles away means that I don't get to see them more than once or twice a year and I have to watch them both from her blog and talk to them through the cellphone. I may go "a little overboard" when it comes to buying things or clothes for Kasja because I can't be there. I haven't seen them since December when I got the gift of living in the Hilton babysitting Kasja with the girls while Kristy and Chris were in the Twin Cities for 3M business.

I got a urgent phone call from my oldest daughter Kristy who needs Mom. She was trying to handle everything, but her husband Chris is heading to Singapore for two weeks and she hurt her ribs and can't lift Kasja. Kasja is now 25 pounds at 14 months and with Kristy almost 29 weeks pregnant, she needs help. She can hardly breathe and does not sound good. Mom is the Calvary for so many others of the Yurcek tribe, sometimes I feel guilty that I can't help Kristy. Besides, I needed an excuse to go spoil that little granddaughter of mine and spend some quality time with Kristy before the new baby arrives.

Doc got off work early and filled him in and he checked the bank account and said I have to go! He told me Kristy never needs help, she is so independent, that when we have an opportunity to be useful, we have to drop everything to be there for her. She had to grow up early at the age of 11 when Becca entered our lives. She was the little Mom for her siblings when I needed her to be. I need to be there for her. Now I can afford the tickets without budgeting because I have been saving so much money on everything while staying on the course to pay off debt and saving for our trip for Marissa's September wedding.

Becca and I leave Friday for Austin, Texas for two weeks. Doc will tend the pets and with my friend Vickie's help with Detamara and the school schedule.

I can't believe I found airfare out of Milwaukee for less than flying from either Minneapolis or Chicago. I have to switch flights in Minneapolis. It did not make sense to me. We are both flying including fees round trip for just over $650 and these tickets are being booked at the last minute :)

I will have to pay $15 each suitcase, but Kristy discovered that furry little Morgan Service Companion Dog will fly FREE with proper documentation. Psychiatric service animals can be out for companionship during the flight and Miss Morgan won't even be banished to her case for the entire flight. Thank you Northwest Airlines for accommodating special flyers with FREE service animal flying saving $80 each way and they can't charge for little Morgan's suitcase!

Now for the hard part, putting up with Becca's obsessing and can't wait until Friday hyperness. It will be a long week. Within minutes of getting off the phone, she was tearing apart her room rummaging for her clothes to pack her suitcase. I hope Friday comes fast or I need a set of earplugs.

*Kristy's post


Kristy said...

We are excited for your visit - it surely is needed (ribs hurt worse today than yesterday, did not know that was possible). Anyway, remind Becca that is it hotter here than in WI and to pack a swimsuit or two. See you soon. THANK YOU!

PS: Dad - you're a SAINT too! I know you will have your hands full with the mutts. Really, thank you.

Stacey said...

You ladies will have a great time with them. Make sure to give everyone a hug for us.

It is a good thing you have plenty of Pringles for Dad and oatmeal for Detamara. Although, you might need to restock when you get home.