Sunday, May 3, 2009

Say Prayers for Baby Kayleigh and Family

This morning I woke and headed out to reading some of my favorite blogs. I have been following he story baby Kayleigh.

This weekend, her parents are preparing to say good-bye to their precious daughter Kayleigh.

At Kayleigh’s Story: One Pound Blessing, her Dad has shared since June, 2008, about Kayleigh, his tiny baby girl, born three months early.

Now, instead of bringing their baby home with hopes and plans to watch her grow up, the Freemans are just hoping to bring their little girl home to say good bye to her.

Please say prayers for the Freeman family as they bring their baby home to let her go.

Kayleigh's Story

I remember my times in the NICU in vivid clarity, the moments etched permanently in my memories. I treasured each moment, I was assured that our Tiny Titan's moments would be short. I wanted memories of our time with our baby.

We brought our Tiny Titan home to die, like so many others. Thosee were some of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make, DNR orders or fighting for our little ones life. Making plans for how to handle her passing, and how far we should go to save her life. What to do when. No parent should ever have to face such tough decisions, but I learned we someday will all have to make those decisions at life's end. We just had to do it sooner than others and learned how precious life is.
Say prayers for Baby Kayleighs parents for peace in their decisions.

The many times we thought she was ready to head out her NICU home to only be stopped by another crisis. We just wanted some time with her at home with family. The Freeman's are praying Kayleigh can come home.

I remember bringing Becca home, with the nursing, the celebration of her siblings at long last being united with their tiny baby sister. Every morning they would head to her room which had been turned into a pediatric intensive care unit to say good morning and see if she was still here. With each days passing I would thank you God for another day with Becca. Say a prayer that Kayleigh can come home to be with her family.

God allowed us to bring our Becca home, and those mornings have turned into years. Gods blessing he has kept her here with us for now. So many tiny little ones have gone home, but for today not my daughter. With each tiny passing another moment of wondering when is it was my turn. Sometimes I feel guilty that my daughter has lived and so many friends have had to say goodbye to their tiny angels.

My heart is heavy for baby Kayleigh's Mom and Dad, I understand their pain, but blessed by their sharing their journey with their story.

I sit here in tears, listening to I will praise you in the storm from Kayleigh's blog. I praise God for all the moments he has blessed us with our Tiny Titan. Our story should have had a different ending, miracles happen but sometimes God spares our kids pain and brings them home.

One of my most important lesson I have learned that God sends us Tiny Teachers who come to bless us with gifts from above. The greatest lesson my tiny teacher has taught me; to trust in God, to believe in miracles and To Love Well Today.

Thank you God for allowing me the gift of watching Becca grow up and to comfort her pain. Thank you for Baby Kayleigh. Give the Freeman's your peace and comfort. Amen

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goddesskms said...

I have also been following her story. Such a sweet adorable little one :(

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